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Tips to know how to handle the aspect of Clinginess in your relationship!

Before considering the aspect of clinginess in your relationship, you must have clarity regarding whether you like to be clingy or not. Some people like being clingy with their partners and some secretly wish for their partners to be clingy with them whereas some hate it. So, stick to one side of the clinginess instead of swinging both sides according to your benefits. Don't be an opportunistic moron in your relationship. That's bad!

What's your idea about being clingy? Well, it's mostly about being emotionally dependent to the core and always expecting one's partner to be around 24*7. Clinginess is not completely a negative trait of a relationship. An excess emotion can always be turned out into a negative aspect like over-protection, over-possessiveness, and over-trust. Similarly, hanging out with your partner and expecting your partner to be with you is a healthy expectation out of a relationship, but forcing your partner to be around you all the time throughout the day is never appreciated and it may also create a bad vibe in one's relationship! So, you must know how to handle this particular aspect of clinginess in a balanced way without affecting the sensitivity of your romantic bond!

  • Be vulnerable but never overdo it. Creating the impression of being emotionally dependent can cause you problems. If you cling to your partner for every single decision and seek some sort of opinion or solution or just want him or her to hear you out for every small aspect of your personal life, there are chances for you to lose your identity. Your partner may either consider you as a walking glue or may take full advantage of you by considering you as a dumb person!

  • Always maintain individuality in a relationship. Unless it is a decision that has to be made with your partner, never involve your partner especially if it has something to do with your personal life and nothing to do with your relationship at all. Yes, your partner needs to know things that go on in your life but there's a difference between saying things and expecting decisions regarding your life aspects.

  • Your world is yours and your partner's world can never be yours. Stop blending two different worlds. It is completely illusional and impractical. So, under the name of romance and love, don't forget the practicality of a relationship. Always remember, a couple can become a part of each other's worlds. Hence, don't construct your world in and around your partner all the time.

  • Come out of the bubble and make a living out of your own choices, wishes, desires, tastes, and preferences. If you keep on adjusting yourself according to your partner's tastes and preferences, at one point, you lose your identity and your partner may feel your love as an aspect of clinginess. And if you keep following your partner's wishes, without your knowledge, you can turn into a clingy person!

  • Clinginess can get transformed into suffocation especially when you keep insisting your partner be with you day and night, talk to you about every aspect, walk with you, sleep with you, cuddle you for hours, and many other things. The common mistake any clingy person would commit is asking one's partner to say "I love you" every day. Look, that's impossible. Those three magical words lose it's magic if you utter the phrase all the time. Don't live in the honeymoon phase forever!

  • Believe in allowing and demanding freedom. If you tell your partner to hang out with his pals and have some me-time, don't get involved in it at all. Me-time is supposed to be his or her time with his or her family and friends. So, stay away from your partner's me-time, until and unless he or she insists you join.

  • Develop the habit of being alone and appreciate your loneliness. Sometimes a person can be all alone regardless of one's relationship because of various personal and professional reasons. So, you must be prepared to manage a day without the presence of your partner beside you. This gradually makes you feel less clingy and with this maintenance of the gap, you fall in love with your partner even more!

  • Never be too available for your partner. There are chances that you may get tagged as a clingy person even though you don't have any intentions of being stuck up with your partner all the time. Because if you consistently remain as someone who will be available no matter what, there are high chances that your partner may take you for granted and with this, he may portray you as someone who is clingy and has nothing to do other than being available for one's partner.

There are moments where you need to be clingy.

Especially, when your partners feel sick

when your partner remains stubborn in making the wrong decision

when your partner is unnecessarily argumentative

when your partner is in his or her lows

when your partner goes through some serious life situations

when your partner wants you so badly beside him

when your partner knowingly ignores you thinking that she may hurt you by involving you in her problems.

Be clingy in a way that your partner appreciates the way how you stick to him or how you support her when it is required. Don't be that clingy person who makes his or her presence in every unnecessary situation.

You lose your identity, individuality, self-respect, and especially the charm of your relationship if you behave like a typical clingy person. Show some difference between you and the telecallers who call to sell their baseless insurance policies. Period!

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