Tips to know how to explore your bicurious personality!

Curiosity is an interesting factor that encourages any person to get along with one's fluidity, especially in terms of sexual orientation and gender identity. It aids in developing a person's understanding of one's personality and helps in exploring the extremes that stabilize and settle a person emotionally and psychologically. And that's the specific reason why one must not restrict one's curiosity about sexual fluidity. Until and unless you know what your romantic likes, sensual tastes, and sexual preferences are, how does any person relate to one's romanticism towards another person regardless of gender?

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation where a person finds both the gender binary (male and female) as equally attractive and opens up to have physical and emotional intimacy with both men and women. Heterosexuality is all about getting attracted to the opposite gender. There's a narrow fluid gap between these two orientations that make a person decide what he or she actually is and hence, that gap gets considered as a phase of exploring one's orientation by getting along with one's curiosity. That's when a person realizes the bicurious phase in one's life.

Without any doubt, at this phase, a person feels doubtful, awkward, weird, stressed, rigid, disappointed, self-degraded, and many more, which are completely unnecessary and are the byproducts of overthinking. It isn't a sin or an illegal aspect if a person starts getting attracted to another human being, especially same-sex people. As a result, if you are someone who claims to be straight but curious about romantic encounters with same-sex partners but still confused about whether you are bisexual or not, you must open yourself up to possibilities regarding exploring your bicurious personality. Hence, you need to know how to achieve that without giving too much thought.

  • Believe in yourself, in the process, in the concept of fluidity, and most importantly in the nature of attraction.

  • Communicate your curiosity by expressing your opinions and thoughts to the people to whom you get attracted without hesitating a bit but make sure you consider the complications and controversies. You must know whom to express and whom not to.

  • Be specific about your current sexual orientation and how you feel intrigued about exploring your fluidity further. Until and unless you get sexually engaged and sensually comfortable with both opposite-sex and same-sex partners, you will remain a bicurious person.

  • Never allow people to force you to accept that you are bisexual. Be clear about what you are and let people get along with your clarity. Sometimes people's opinions compel you to think that you are bisexual without even exploring that side.

  • You don't have to be erotically connected with people to be bi-curious. You can be that person who hangout with same-sex people on dates without having intimate experiences and can however remain a bicurious person.

  • Ask yourself or put yourself in a situation whether you get attracted to people of the same gender as yours emotionally in the search for love or physically in the sex search or romantically in the search of completeness in being with a person in every possible way.