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Tips to handle various types of butch lesbians!

The basic and standard category among lesbian tribes is butch lesbians. Stereotypically, these women make people consider them as lesbians without asking a question about one's sexuality, through their appearances and behavioral patterns. There's a huge misconception that revolves around the butch lesbians, which force everyone to judge them to the core about their personalities. There is a difference between looking mannish and being mannish! Indeed mannish behavior itself concludes a typical stereotype! Not every woman who opts men's wear and walks with a little swag is a lesbian, especially a butch lesbian because there's a lot to recognize about this particular tribe!

Broadly, a tribe is completely based on body type, hair type, personality, interests, and similar preferences. The butch lesbians represent one such tribe that includes every constraint of segregation. Hence, you must know the sub-classifications of these butch lesbians to get along with them according to your preference and also their interests. Overall, there are three sub-categories, the butch lesbian, the soft butch lesbian, and the stone butch lesbian!

If you are one among those women who like to get engaged in every possible way with a butch lesbian, then you must erase the typical definition of being a woman, because, in every aspect, butch lesbians subvert the stereotypes of being women. It's not the masculinity, but the contemporary terms of femininity which make them break the stereotypes. Just because she is a woman, it doesn't mean she needs to be like a woman of historic age! Butch lesbians give fitting reply to all the people who think a woman should be treated and must behave in a particular way!

The butch lesbians are tough. They look like a man because they think that they are no lesser than a man. They behave with a little swag which represents the typical man's behavior. They don't care about their surroundings because they like conveying themselves the way they are. You generally see them in folded sleeved shirts with short hair or half-trimmed hair looks. And yes, do not ever expect make-up on their faces. Butch lesbians never give a damn about make-up looks, hardly they use a lip balm to moist their lips.

Butch lesbians are individualistic, technically brilliant, and can handle any kind of task regardless of the physical and mental strength. If you have a butch lesbian as a partner, it's like you are possessing an all-rounder around you all the time. The chief factor of butch lesbians is they strike off all the typical aspects of being a woman. Unlike other women, butch lesbians never hesitate to handle the tough jobs around them and they give a very strict competition to men out there.

Sexually, butch lesbians never restrict anything. They know how to handle their women with grace. Though they opt for a diverse kind of femininity, they never act rigidly with their partners and allow them to be themselves. This is the most likable factor in butch lesbians. Well, altogether, the one lesbian tribe from whom you can accept chivalrous behavior!

The soft butch lesbians are the ones whom you find mostly in the lesbian community. These lesbians are typically categorized under their behavioral patterns and dressing attributes. You can find these women swing between both masculinity and femininity. Soft butch lesbian tries to portray their masculine side of personality to the society through their clothes and spread the vibes of femininity through their postures, gestures, and behavior.

Soft butch lesbians are fashionable lesbians. They follow the trendy androgynous fashion statements. Most of their attires are Unisexual and they carry them so beautifully with their long hair or short hair, in a well-groomed way. There no restrictions for them regarding fashion. Though they don't opt a lot of makeup, they still manage to appear with glossy lips occasionally. The tribe name suggests everything. They are soft in handling their partners. They can be both givers and receivers in sex. Unlike butch lesbians, who like to provide sexual pleasure to their partners, soft butch lesbians don't mind performing a passive role for their partners.

And then finally comes the Stone butch lesbians. These are hard to handle and manage. They are a bit dominant and like taking things according to their way. They are not stone-hearted. They are everything like other butch lesbians. Their dressing sense, their behaviors, their fashion statements, everything remains the same except for the sex constraint. Stone butch lesbians are strict givers. They search for their carnal pleasure through satisfying their partners and providing them sexual pleasure. They don't allow you to go down on them and don't allow you to penetrate them.

Stone butch lesbians behave like rigid receivers in bed. You can consider them as the most admirable givers because they completely know how to give an orgasm to their partners and they refuse to receive. These kinds of lesbians act as typical men in bed. So, if and only if you are a person who wants a partner to be a strict giver, then stone butch lesbians are the best!

A few differences in dressing choices, sexual choices, and behavioral choices make these butch lesbians categorized under various names, but altogether this lesbian tribe act in a similar way. They don't like others to consider them as typical women. They don't prove anyone wrong, but they don't leave any opportunity to tell people that they aren't inappropriate. They expect a partner who accepts their choices and respects them. They desire women who love themselves more than others. They accept all kinds of femininity, but they never restrict themselves to portraying their masculine side, because for them it is also one kind of femininity! Only a person who can understand the value of true feminism can get along with butch lesbians!

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