Tips to handle the 50-50 bisexuals!

Claiming to be the authentic bisexuals out of all the tribes, 50-50 bisexuals play a prominent role in the bisexual community. Regardless of their coming out statuses, these bisexuals attract equally to both of the binary genders and portray themselves as perfect bisexuals. But many aspects let people feel a bit uncomfortable with this particular bisexual tribe. No one is perfect and yes, that's the main problem over here because these bisexuals perpetually try depicting themselves as perfect!

Bisexuality is all about getting physically, emotionally, and sexually attracted to both males and females. No orientation poses the ratios of attraction levels to people who belong to various tribes. Perfection is a myth. Similarly, attracting exactly equally to both genders is also a myth. No offense, but major studies have proven that a bisexual inevitably tends to be tilted towards both men or women, never stable for one gender or at the same time be able to spread love equally.

And if you know the bisexuals who are surrounded by this invisible bubble of perfection, then you must know a few ways to handle them or at least try to make them understand the reality around them and their orientation.