Tips to handle the 50-50 bisexuals!

Claiming to be the authentic bisexuals out of all the tribes, 50-50 bisexuals play a prominent role in the bisexual community. Regardless of their coming out statuses, these bisexuals attract equally to both of the binary genders and portray themselves as perfect bisexuals. But many aspects let people feel a bit uncomfortable with this particular bisexual tribe. No one is perfect and yes, that's the main problem over here because these bisexuals perpetually try depicting themselves as perfect!

Bisexuality is all about getting physically, emotionally, and sexually attracted to both males and females. No orientation poses the ratios of attraction levels to people who belong to various tribes. Perfection is a myth. Similarly, attracting exactly equally to both genders is also a myth. No offense, but major studies have proven that a bisexual inevitably tends to be tilted towards both men or women, never stable for one gender or at the same time be able to spread love equally.

And if you know the bisexuals who are surrounded by this invisible bubble of perfection, then you must know a few ways to handle them or at least try to make them understand the reality around them and their orientation.

Firstly, learn every bisexual wants to be equally attracted to both men and women because they think that's the equal attraction is mandatory. But there's habitually a tilted approach to any orientation. Like how gays attracted to men, but specifically gets attracted to men who are muscular, lean, bulky, hairy, and many more tribes, similarly even bisexuals attracted to both men and women, but more attracted to either men or women.

So, if you are dating a bisexual, then understand which tribe he belongs to, homosexual leaning or heterosexual leaning, based on his sexual and emotional attractions to the same sex or opposite sex. If you are specifically dating a 50-50 bisexual, then observe his equal approach keenly.

Be careful, if he/she gets to know that you are observing, then they may get cautious and purposefully fake that they look at five men and five women whenever you step out, just to make you understand they are true bisexuals. So, keep it simple, don't hold a pen and paper to make a note of the ratios, just blend the observations in various factors.

If you are a lesbian and hanging out with a 50-50 bisexual, you may feel awkward, annoyed, and demotivated if your girl checks out boys. It's the same with gays who hang out with their 50-50 bisexual boyfriends. Don't overthink and feel bad. Bisexuality works in that way, just because you are homosexual doesn't mean your bisexual partner cannot look at an attractive man or woman right! So keep calm and try to interpret the orientation.

Checking out is fine but some bisexuals go beyond the limits and start flirting with people around in front of their committed partners. It's only fine if you are in an open-relationship or else a fake act to elevate the jealousy constraint in a relationship. But if it is something about exploring the orientation after committing to one person, then you must analyze your relationship!

Count the number of exes; your bisexual partner had. Evaluate the number of men and women. For sure, he/she must be the homosexual or heterosexual leaning and never a 50-50 bisexual. But if you find out the equal amount, then you must be prepared to handle the mythical bisexuality of your partner.

Truths are disagreeable to digest, so do true bisexuals. If you are a possessive, jealous, over caring and protective person, then you are unfit to date 50-50 bisexuals. Because this particular bisexual tribe loves to date multiple partners at the same time under the names of exploration and experimentation.

There are a few open bisexuals, who don't mind coming with a pact to their partners by revealing their equal interests in men and women. And yeah, some get successful in managing these polyamorous and polygamous relationships too. Understanding and communication play a vital role in such relationships.