Tips to get better in building emotional intimacy!

Demisexuality and emotional attachments go hand in hand. You can never find demisexuals getting into random hookups and one night stands as it is all about establishing an emotional connection before having a sexual connection with a particular person. Some of us don't identify ourselves as demisexuals because we think that's completely a different orientation but indeed it's one of the sub orientations. Yes, you can be gay and demisexual too, if you only feel comfortable having sexual affair with a person whom you have already made an emotional connection!

But do you think to have just an emotional connection can make you end up having a demisexual partner in your bed? In that case, many fools would try portraying their perverse nature by spilling the three magical words on demisexual people for fuck's sake. If you think demisexuals are dumb enough to detect your desperate behavior and your fake trials of having an emotional connection, then you prove yourselves as dumb. Demisexuality is all about emotional connection, but one must build an emotional intimacy first to have further commitments including sexual connections!

Physical intimacy is easy. All you need to have is an attractive personality, good-looking features, a sharp body, and typical sexy avatars to have sex with any person. It is effortless for a charming person to receive a kiss from anyone except a demisexual. You need to develop an emotional intimacy to make a demisexual person 'think' about kissing you. Sexual tendencies from a demisexual partner are hard to attain. You don't need a hot body but a faithful soul with a proper mindset to end up being with a demisexual person! Do you know how to form such emotional intimacy when you know that your partner is a demisexual personality?

  • Keep your flirtatious and lusty personality aside to formulate an initial approach to a demisexual person. If you think your cheesy lines work, then you will be disappointed. Talk and make sense. They like it when you get them a flower instead of getting them moons and stars which is poetically impractical.

  • They like being loved, but that doesn't mean they expect you to propose them on day one. Have some patience, be practical, and go with the flow without expecting anything, including a hug. Demisexuals require time to get into physical contact especially when they know what they are looking for. They surely don't mislead you by giving any kind of wrong signs.

  • Keep your bond refreshing and blooming with various kinds of conversations except sexting. Don't even think about sending "What are you wearing now"? You will be blocked forever. Conversations are the best form of building emotional intimacy. Be funny, cool, romantic, not too flirtatious, give hints that you like them.

  • Talk about preparing food together and reading books together instead of talking about spending time together in bed. That will irk them off for sure. Try to know their likes, dislikes, favorites, preferences, lifestyle choices, career choices, family, and friends, indeed their whole world. Try making conversations out of anything in the world except sensual moments.

  • It doesn't mean they don't like about sex, or they are dumb in sex knowledge. Talk about sex education; they will be fine with it but if you have underlying sensual intentions, then you surely will get caught one day. Demisexuals likes to be treated in a demisexual way, not in any other way. Understand and respect the choices of your demisexual partner.

  • If you aren't a demisexual and you fell in love with a demisexual partner, then it will be a bit edgy situation for you because, for an active sexual person, sex is an ultimate form of showing love, but with a demisexual, it comes after appreciating an emotional intimacy. So never try to rush up the things, just because you want to have sex with your partner. Instead, make your demisexual partner, crave for allowing physical intimacy with you!

  • Emotional intimacy can be developed only when you have an emotional connection with your partner. With few gestures and signs, you can successfully build it. Make them trust you with your behavior and your realness. Try being yourself and make them like the way you want to be liked and love them the