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Tips to face the realities of your dating life with your partner!

Dating is that one element that boosts up a person's romantic life with aspects like romance, sex, love, passion, affection, responsibility, commitment, happiness and even sadness too. Hence, it is essential for a person to encapsulate dating life by encountering realities to grow romantically. People think it's all about butterflies and fun but on the contrary, dating is all about striving for romantic survival by overcoming hurdles and fears. Under the blindness of romance, many people often skip the realities of their dating life scenarios to extend their fun phases. But one day, people have to face them at a certain point and when those realities hit hard, a person may feel extremely intense as they keep hitting one after the other till that person realizes and acts upon them. So, it is significant enough to face such dating realities on time without escaping from them to prevent unnecessary consequences later.

  • Be transparent enough to let your partner comprehend your real life the way it is without any discreet scenarios and also allow yourself to explore your partner's transparency equally.

  • Take initiation in communicating if you feel something is going gravely amiss instead of waiting for your partner to react or respond.

  • When you experience a harsh truth about your partner, calm down and step into your partner's shoes to understand better instead of freaking out instantly.

  • Talk about finances that make you stable socially and personally without any further disturbances.

  • If you are looking for a commitment, propose the same with your partner instead of beating around the bush or waiting unendingly till your partner drops a bomb on you saying that person is only into casual dating.

  • Be clear about what you want and get clarity from your partner regarding what you can offer to your dating bond.

  • Always engage in proper sexual conversations so that you don't have to compromise and act awkwardly towards cheating on your partner in the future.

  • Involve your families and friends to explore each others' worlds exclusively and if you both don't want to involve, then act accordingly without messing up your dating situation and ethic.

  • Dating is the process that directs a couple towards the path of a relationship. Hence, don't be confused in talking about what kind of relationship are you expecting from your partner, also what kind of relationship you like to commit to with your dating partner.

  • Not every day is lovely, so prepare yourself to face the opposite especially when one of you loses your cool on the other.

  • Lust is easier to deal with than love, so if your dating life with your partner swings between these two emotions, then you need to achieve the right balance so that you won't end up losing the spark of your romantic bond.

  • Try to know each others' habits and hobbies, so that you know how to encourage your partner during your dating fluctuations.

  • Instead of just focusing on likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences of your partner's interests, you must know your partner's medical history, psychological issues, personal problems, and professional complications as it presents you a whole picture to know how to handle your partner, especially during emergencies.

  • Sign up for facing problems together. Don't be that sacrificial person who involves one's partner only in happiness but not in sadness, also don't be that coldhearted person who bails out on one's partner during hard times.

  • Try to inculcate the habit of supporting each other against all odds no matter what.

  • Be someone who your partner can rely on, and on top of that be someone who dates a reliable partner.

  • Perceive the practicalities of your dating life instead of chasing emotions all the time.

  • Managing priorities is the most substantial reality that many couples fail at. So try to regulate them accordingly, and you must always keep your partner as one of the top priorities regardless of any kind of situation.

  • Be proud of dating your partner. You don't have to show off your dating life, but you must publicly appreciate it instead of hiding it from the world for any reason especially when your partner seeks it.

  • Don't empower others to validate your dating life and don't get influenced by a third person to regulate your dating terms with your partner.

  • Be open to following the vast concept of dating life that involves all the other elements that may affect other aspects of your life. Sign up for dating only when you can manage other elements of your life so that you won't end up hurting the emotions of your partner who invest time and effort to be with you in a romantic bond.

All the above-mentioned realities must be acknowledged with utmost positivity to get along with your dating life passionately by appreciating the existence of your dating partner in your romantic life. These tips support you to scrutinise your dating life from a broader perspective and also entitle you to analyse your partner with various perceptions.

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