Tips to deal with your stubborn partner!

You encounter various types of people with various types of behavioral characterizations in relationships. Queer couples aren't an exception in this particular scenario. One of the most common personalization in queer relationships is, one of the persons in a couple turns out to be stubborn to the core. Sometimes, this very reason becomes a silly excuse to give up on a relationship.

We all are stubborn in many possible ways. Humans act stubborn when they don't get things they love and when people they love don't act according to their views. You don't have to encourage stubbornness of a person and also you shouldn't suppress this passive-aggressive quality. You must identify ways to comprehend the typical stubborn personality of your partner to balance out things with your love, care, and affection, instead of running towards extremes and getting fed up with your relationship.

  • If you know that your partner is being stubborn and you are kind of already used to his or her wild tantrums, just breathe and try to calm yourself. Take a few moments and count numbers till you cool yourself to deal with the situation and also with your partner. When you act ferociously on a situation or a person, there are chances that you may mess things up big time! So, try to relax your nerves instead of bursting them out of anger!

  • Try to understand the pros and cons of a particular situation or a choice or a desire. If your partner is stubborn about making your presence at the party, you don't like, then try understanding what you lose and what you gain. If your partner's smiling face is your priority than his sulking face when you deny his wish, then you must consider his wish and try to get along with his stubbornness. If your partner is strong-willed about things that don't harm you at all, understand that he or she wants you to be his or her side or want a particular thing in your life to mark your relationship.

  • Sometimes asking for explanations helps you find the reason behind the stubbornness of your partner. Instead of striking off your partner's wishes or desires, offer an ear to all the explanations he or she gives to support his or her theories to know why your partner is being so stubborn about a particular thing or an aspect of your relationship.

  • There's always a specific time to approach your partner to deal with his or her stubbornness. Find the right time and right place to initiate a discussion or an argument regarding your partner's stubborn personality so that you can get to know why your partner acts too particular. Never force your anger on your partner at an inappropriate time and in the wrong place.

  • Keep a note in your brain regarding how many times your partner has been stubborn in the past to make his or her things work in his or her way. So that when you reach your saturation point of dealing, you can use all those instances as examples to prove your patience levels with your partner's stubborn personality. This math substantially helps your partner to perceive reality and act accordingly.

Love can do wonders. No matter how hard the situation becomes and how tough you transform yourself to affect each other regarding a particular opinion, you can always get things back to normal if you express what you are for your partner. If you let him or her know regardless of the extreme clash of opinions, you still be there for your partner, then surely things become normal within split seconds. All the stubbornness can vanish with one attempt at the expression of love. Try it!

You should never compare your relationship with others and also never talk about how others work in their relationships. I