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Tips to deal with your queer stylist partners....

Strictly speaking, there is a partial truth to the stereotypes which mention that most of the people from the glamorous industries are queer in one or the other way. That's a proud thing indeed, but not everyone from the fashion, hair, and makeup industries are gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and Transgenders. The queer community is creative and evolving. So, do the glamorous industries. Many people from the LGBTQ+ community settle in creative fields, including all the other fields. But the stylists are one of a kind. They can give you a whole makeover and also can drive you crazy in various ways.

Have you ever dated a makeup artist or a hairdresser or a fashion stylist? How did you feel about it? Have you ever been in a relationship with them? Did you enjoy their company in various aspects of life? All these questions have mixed answers and blended opinions because dating a queer stylist is maintaining an equilibrium of pros and cons in a relationship. You must remember one thing that all the queer makeup artists, hairdressers, and fashion stylists are indeed the queer artists who make the community colorful, fashionable, chic, and utterly trendy! Hence, a person must be good enough in dealing with such queer artists who can make a person look entirely different with various variations in aesthetic appearances.

It's a pure myth that all the queer stylists are glamour conscious and cautious about the looks of their partners. Yes, people have their preferences in looks when it comes to sexual and physical attractions. Queer stylists are humans too, who also look out for emotional connections. So, instead of concluding approaching a queer stylist that they may reject you, just give it a try. Who knows, he/she may like you and things may go further!

They consistently maintain the style factor no matter what. Regardless of the different streams of makeup, hair, and fashion industries, all the queer stylists manage to have a signature look to carry their personalities and stand out of the box. And they get attracted to two kinds of people; the extremely classy ones and the extremely funky ones. So, if you are the one who doesn't have a signature style, think twice before poking a stylist.

Promoting a queer lifestyle is exceptionally easy for all the queer stylists. They don't hesitate to try experimental and fashion adventurous looks publicly in various events, parties, or even for work. They don't like restrictions and they don't feel as flashy. So, if you are insecure and feel embarrassed about the style of a queer stylist, then you come out as a wrong partner.

Fashion and style have nothing to do with the orientations and genders. The queer community is always full of colors. Flaunting various colors on bodies is just an attempt to spread awareness about the community. If you date a fashion blogger or a fashion stylist, be prepared to walk along with a person who can nail androgynous fashion statements and rainbow colors as easy as how you wear a plain black tee at home.

Most of the queer stylists prefer to set a trend and let people follow those trends. They inspire others in the aspects of fashion, hair, and makeup. In this millennial era, as everything is technological, be prepared to handle the social media pressures of your stylist partners. Because they may behave according to the reaction to their posts on their social media platforms. Some are obsessed with social media and may drive you crazy with various kinds of mood swings.

They never force their partners to get styled by them or pose their opinion. All they want you to do is to appear in a decent fashionable way because they don't like others to point out their partners as dowdy. So try to understand from their point of view and allow them to style you when it is necessary. Because they are pros at maintaining your style statement by uplifting it with their skills.

Dating a queer stylist is like having a vogue magazine with various style tips handy. You will never run out of such tips and you must listen to them because most of the time they speak the facts about skin, hair, and fashion. Also, remember one thing, never strike off their opinions and suggestions, it will piss them off.

When it comes to styling, they will handle you like a client, not like a partner. They patiently convey you everything you need to do and also expect you not to intervene when they deck themselves up, especially for queer parties. Be prepared to browse your phone while they take a hundred years to get ready. Patience is a key factor which makes them love you more. Who doesn't like a partner who waits with a smile while we get ready or shop!

Speaking of shopping, if your queer stylist partner is additionally a Shopaholic, then it is a challenging task for you to deal with. Sometimes you may even lose your cool too. His/her ten hours styling shift won't make him/her feel tired when he/she finds a brand-new store with cosmetics and clothes. So, be prepared to walk with them wherever they take but at the same time, you must be strict enough to control their shopping habits. Yes, you must balance your act.

Dating a queer stylist can be a good experience only if there are good spending habits. Some stylists spend way too much on products and clothes to keep themselves stocked up to style others or to get along with the trend. Some queer stylists lack finance skills, though they are worthy of fashion. So, if you are good at finances and saving proposals, you can be a tremendous help to such stylists.

Appreciate others work but never praise them too much. Psychologically your queer stylist may get offended and feel less in front of you. Try to make your honest yet balanced opinions on the work of your queer stylist partner. Sometimes jealousy can be neutralized with appreciation.

These are the huge fans of drag race makeups, victoria secret lingerie, trendy hair extensions, and expensive product range, which allow them to maintain, look and smell better. Most of their sexual fantasies are about the surroundings, fragrances, and sensual clothing. They expect you to be hygienic, well maintained and groomed before committing physical intimacy. So try to smell good and look decent before they get into you sensually.

Queer stylists, as queer artists are immensely influential. They can turn people towards them because everyone wants to look good. And these are deeply capable of turning a caterpillar into a butterfly. So, try to comprehend their world and get along with them in such a way that you shouldn't get drifted off by losing your personality. Try being a supportive yet strict match for these queer stylists.

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