Tips to control your doubtful personality in your romantic relationship!

If you are a person who thinks that you never doubt the person whom you love or in a relationship with, then you are going wrong somewhere in your relationship. Doubting someone is mostly treated as a negative byproduct of love but if you see it from the context of a person, who doubts his or her partner, it seems like something out of extreme possessiveness and overprotective nature, or sometimes, it could be out of the fear of losing your loved ones.

Needless to say, doubting also has its limitations and if one crosses the saturation point, then things become unmanageable, rough and the relationship becomes truly a mess. In the queer community, we face a lot of people who continuously exhibit their doubtful personalities. In this millennial era, the scope of dating a person is very flexible and if you break up today, you can easily get someone tomorrow, at least to share your break-up story over a cup of coffee or helps you to come out of it with a random hookup. This is the reality of the current queer dating scenario and there's no wrong in it too. But, the same scenario is making a queer person feel doubtful about one's partner.