Till when, the love that has already completed, remain unfinished?

Can love be completed? No! But the love for a person can be ended. When emotions reach a saturation point, they wholly disappear by leaving a mark as memories in a person's life! We, humans, consider it as a completion of love by using the fancy word called "breakup." Indeed, it remains unfinished always. But there must be an end to every single aspect of this world including emotions. You can't be happy all the time and you can't be sad too. All the emotions end up with a person's death. Similarly, the deadline for a romantic love bond lies in the closure, from the person we love!

Breakups are common. But the consequences of breakups vary from person to person. It depends on how one tackles with the changing scenario of emotions post breakups. Some of us break up in love very frequently whereas some of us hardly face any break up in their romantic life. It doesn't mean a person who always fails in love in one or the other way is a loser or the person who always stays in love, remains the most successful lover in the world. Regardless of age, time, genders, and sexual orientations, breakups leave a painful impression. Yes, the person who leaves you by giving you an absurd reason also feels that pain.

If your boyfriend cheats on you and sleep with someone else by not appreciating the bond between you, and if you find it out and leave him just like that to walk out of his life and to break your paths, you will feel more pain than him, but you must also know that even he will feel the pain of such instant and spontaneous rough wound in both of your romantic lives. There can be a hell lot of reasons for breaking up with our partners. We think we are right, and others are wrong. Sometimes, we assume we are wrong and leave the right people to not get them affected because of our wrongdoings. The constraint of pain remains the same if we leave the people we love all of a sudden without giving a proper closure!

A closure is all about the act of concluding a particular relationship in every possible way. Unconditional love never needs closure and hence it never gets completed and it always remains unfinished. We all think that we love others, or we are getting loved by others unconditionally. But practically speaking, very few people step in our life who can love, accept, and be with us, no matter what without laying any conditions. And it's hard to find them and even though you find them, it's hard to recognize them. Hence, many people lose the ones who unconditionally love them. And those people are conditional lovers.

There is no rule that people who are committed and married are unconditional lovers and people who are divorced are conditional ones. Sometimes, parents have to act and be together for their children, here love doesn't support them to remain together, the traditional rules, cultures, and responsibilities do! Have you ever seen a divorced couple who are leading happier lives after the divorce of their so-called passionate relationship?

These couples are the ones who get proper closure in every possible way. Physically, they don't get engaged anymore, emotionally they realize they have reached their saturation points of love, financially they set each other's life by paying alimony or compensating for the financial loss, socially they get identified as singles again and legally they get separated to start new lives one more time. Of course, this whole process takes time and effort, but this process is much needed for a person to know what they are up to, who they are for each other and why they need to break their paths. Though this closure gives them pain it also gives them a clear path to head further.