Thoughts that must not restrict your queer lifestyle!

Leading a lifestyle of a queer person boldly in this current scenario is elevating yet society finds it hard to digest, especially when that person breaks all kinds of social stereotypes. No matter whatever you do, people always look out for chances to suppress your zeal towards building your life in and around you. Even though you remain unbeatable, some thoughts inside you throw you into the dilemma because of judgmental criticism but they must not cease you from being you. Keep this in mind, your orientation always tags along with your lifestyle choices regardless of how badly you try to get rid of that perspective. Hence, instead of focusing on it, you must concentrate on how not to get affected by your thoughts!

Artistic thoughts:

Queer people are creative and many personalities have proven that fact in many possible ways in various streams. Working and attaining success in artistic fields is a challenge indeed because of mean politics. Even though your orientation is not a choice, your professional lifestyle spurs, some limelight to it. People find ways to get your queerness into the picture and try to kill your instincts out of queerphobia or jealousy. You should never get demotivated and restrict your artistic thoughts in exhibiting, just because people find them odd. They aren't odd, they are indeed contemporary for them. Prove the point that your professional success has nothing to do with your identity.

Fashionable thoughts:

Before trying a new outfit or keeping various pieces together as an attire ensemble, you may feel that, is it necessary to show off your bold fashion statements! Yes, it is necessary for your growth because it is your signature style and the world must know how easily you can pull it off without giving a damn. Criticism always follows, but you must not overlook appreciation and inspiration. Today's weirdness becomes tomorrow's trend. If people find your style awkward, let them. Until and unless you are comfortable in your clothes, no one can beat you. Don't you think that's how unisexual and androgynous trends are booming up currently in the fashion industry?

Revolutionary thoughts:

You don't have to be notably a queer activist who shouts out slogans to promote awareness or to participate in pride marches to bring a change. Any tiny thought that helps a fellow queer person is all enough to be revolutionary. Never restrict such thoughts because of the size. You may start slow but you can make your thoughts reach worldwide if you initiate it instead of restricting it. That's how everydayqueerlife took its birth! Good thoughts that bring change shouldn't bother about quantity.

Exploration thoughts:

Queer doesn't mean strange at all in terms of orientations. It's an umbrella term for all orientations other than heterosexuality. So, if you ever have thought of exploring your orientations, don't restrict yourself by overthinking how people may feel about it. Until and unless you explore yourself, how can you attain the clarity out of your confused state? Think big and eliminate people's opinions regarding your life and lifestyle. Ultimately, it's your personal choice but yes, make sure you shouldn't hurt the feelings of other people in the process of exploring your sexuality and sexual preferences.