This is why your man's extra chivalrous behavior could be treacherous!

Strictly speaking, most men are chivalrous especially in the eyes of the public to make sure they leave an impression that can never make others doubt their hidden cruel personalities. Men have been using the weapon of chivalry to impress, suppress and deceive people around them for ages but the real victims of such manipulative chivalry are the lovers, partners, or spouses of these men. This isn't something again whole masculinity or targeting men in the entire world. It applies to every single person regardless of gender who uses chivalry as a tactic of oppression. Agree with it or not, femininity is always on the receiving side of chivalry. By default, masculine macho men think of chivalry as their right to portray in front of any effeminate person!

If you are dating a typical male, be it straight or gay or whatever the orientation is if you feel that your boyfriend or partner always suffocates you with his extra care, love, affection, passion, and attention, then, have some clarity regarding his extra chivalrous behavior. Until and unless you need some kind of medical observation or deep emotional attention, you don't have to entertain your boyfriend to take care of every single detail of your routine. Well, do you need someone who cares for you unconditionally or who spies on you under various conditions?

Regrettably, if your man is being extra chivalrous and tries not to miss any detail by being beside you that specify your existence in his territory physically and psychologically, then he is doubtful about your whole persona and hence he acts that he takes care of you even though it is unnecessary for him to escort you for even grocery shopping or being there with you all the time.

Being double-faced in private and public spaces and acting differently chivalrous according to the surroundings and people is too manipulative to handle and that's being extra cautious to keep up the good image in society. When your man opens a car for you soon after you reach any public event and don't even give a damn whether your fingers get accidentally crushed in your bedroom door, you must understand how your man's chivalry is dangerously deceiving. That's not for you, it's for building the social status, public prestige, and gender image in society so that his other side of masculinity can never be disclosed.