This is why your first love stays incomparable forever!

Because it's both blessing and a lesson in your romantic life that you keep carrying inevitably as a part of your life and it is quite special as you can never get over it no matter how deeply you believe that you have moved on. Cherishing the firsts is always a beautiful aspect especially the first romantic attraction including all the mistakes. That person with whom you fall in love for the very first time in your life remains incomparable because you end up comparing every other romantic partner with your first love. You will understand the speciality of embracing your first love when you reach a certain age where you intensely accept the invisible existence of your first love regardless of his/her presence in your life.

Ending up forever with one's first love is truly a rare scenario but if you are one among them, then you are fortunate enough but still, you compare the current personality of your first love with the old personality you have fallen in love with. So, regardless of the presence of one's first lover in one's life, every person appreciates him/her no matter how badly the relationship ends.

  • You remember every single detail of the day you both first met.

  • You might have not taken your first love or gone on a typical date with your first love, but you never stop romanticising the first place you ever spent alone even if it wasn't a sophisticated spot.

  • You always feel that you were more adventurous with your first love even though you used to meet him/her in an ultimate discreet mode.

  • You regret throwing tantrums and carry the guilt of breaking up if you are the person who broke up with your first love.

  • You constantly feel your first love is a complete romantic vibe regardless of the number of days, months and years you spent.