This is why you shouldn't create a false sense of comfort in your relationship!

Strictly speaking, this is one of the common mistakes many queer couples commit, especially when they are about to break their relationships. If you are one of those people who calculate the pros and cons of being with a person in a relationship at the point where you want to come out that committed bond, then you must never create a false sense of comfort to stop yourself from breaking your relationship, especially when you can feel the biggest con, emotionally.

Of course, being practical is appreciated and that's how everyone must consider both love and life, but sometimes, being over practical about materialistic issues and suppressing your emotional issues, may end you up as a stone-hearted person. Practically, no one falls in love with others by just considering the aspect of love. We all have some wishes, desires, tastes, and preferences when it comes to our partner be it a dating partner, relationship partner, or a hookup partner.