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This is why you shouldn't create a false sense of comfort in your relationship!

Strictly speaking, this is one of the common mistakes many queer couples commit, especially when they are about to break their relationships. If you are one of those people who calculate the pros and cons of being with a person in a relationship at the point where you want to come out that committed bond, then you must never create a false sense of comfort to stop yourself from breaking your relationship, especially when you can feel the biggest con, emotionally.

Of course, being practical is appreciated and that's how everyone must consider both love and life, but sometimes, being over practical about materialistic issues and suppressing your emotional issues, may end you up as a stone-hearted person. Practically, no one falls in love with others by just considering the aspect of love. We all have some wishes, desires, tastes, and preferences when it comes to our partner be it a dating partner, relationship partner, or a hookup partner.

You can maintain your sexual preferences to sleep with a person and if you don't get along, it's easy to break such sensual bonds, because it's completely physical and never emotional. Though you are capable of considering your likes and dislikes while dating a particular person, after some time, you may feel that you might have chosen the wrong person to date and that's how many people face breakups before getting into committed relationships. But, the scenario isn't the same, easy and practical, when a couple remains in a committed relationship. Things become difficult, different, and disappointing when one person in a couple decides to break the relationship. And in this extreme situation, many people compromise and suppress their feelings to get convinced to be with a partner regardless of all the emotional turmoil in their relationships!

What do you choose between money and time? What if your partner can give you a lot of money but hardly five minutes a day? Do you consider as a relationship? Won't you get tired of spending money and need your partner beside you? If you know that a person cannot make efforts in providing time, love, care, and attention, then why do you have to be in a relationship with such a person?

It's acceptable to feel stuck up in this kind of situation. Many of us have such overachieving and less-caring partners, but instead of getting rid of them, we are encouraging them to be in that way! Do you want to know how? Well, frankly, some of us are ambitious, passionate, and dream to excel in life in every possible way. Life gives us some people who can uplift us materialistically. With coincidence, those people may also become our life partners or love partners. They may be worthy at earning millions, maybe good in bed with their intense sensual moves, and also may be good at taking your world tours and make you explore the different side of the world, but what if they are worst at knowing your inner personality, worst at recognizing you, worst in giving love, care, and affection to you?

Sometimes, it's really hard to choose love over dream life, but that's indeed a beginning for your new life ahead. If you choose your dream life with a person who hardly values your existence as a fellow human being just because he or she got money, name, fame, exquisite body, then you must give up on the aspect of love forever. If you choose the emotion of love and come out of your emotionless relationship, it may take time for you to adjust to your new life, but at least you get a chance to shape it up in a way that you find the true love you deserve one day! Isn't it all we search for, all our life?

Many of us develop this false sense of comfort even though they know that they are surviving in a toxic relationship. If you are in a relationship with a person just because he or she is great at sex, then you are no lesser than a person who fucks around. If you continue your relationship under the name of love just because your partner got crazy cash, properties, finances, then you are no lesser than a gold digger. If you lead your relationship under the name of love, with a person who is famously popular but poor in considering you as his or her better half personally, then you are no lesser than an opportunistic person. Out of everything, if you be with a person to show off some fake couple goals to society, then you must know that you fool yourself, not others and most importantly, you turn up as a typical hypocrite!

Never stay with a person just because you are comfortable with money, name, fame, sex, elite lifestyle when you know that you can never experience genuine love from that person. And you shouldn't stay in these false comforts and miss out on the real emotion of love in your life!

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