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This is why you shouldn't beg for love!

That desperate factor of gaining someone out of intense infatuation and deeper attraction makes a person degrade one's self-esteem to beg for love. Beauty is one element that most people are drawn toward and the attractive features of a person make people go mad, especially the ones who intend to fulfil sensual desires. Even though that person becomes successful in attaining the love out of begging, that bond survives only on materialistic conditions and endless contributions.

Begging for love isn't an effort, it is the outcome of the disheartening condition of losing someone whose attention makes a person feel everything under the sky. A famous author was once quoted saying, No one begs for diamonds, only for pennies'. All you get is love that's worth a penny if you beg for love. Diamonds must be earned out of efforts and they shine under immense pressure. Until and unless two people don't go through tiring efforts to secure an unerasable spot in each other's hearts, that love doesn't shine. You may obtain love if you beg for it as an outcome of another person's naivety or cruelty but do you think that's how love is supposed to be? Do you think your feelings ever be respected and entitled the way they deserve from whom you beg for love?

Unfortunately, love doesn't work like that. No one likes to beg for love in the first place but the conditions make them commit such mistakes and that's when a person must be cautious about one's worth and eligibility. Needless to say, love has nothing to do with statures and statuses. There are many well-celebrated love stories where two individuals from different levels come together to flourish in beautiful romantic relationships together. But those are completely mutual. Begging for love is a one-sided hopeless effort that is made to make sure you obtain the person you get attracted to the most.

Love evolves if the feelings are mutual in terms of understanding, adjusting and appreciating each other but if you beg for love, you end up playing on the terms of the other person. Always remember if you beg, your hand always stays below the other person but love is all about holding hands together without the factor of dominance. In love, every feeling goes hand in hand; you give and take mutually. On the other side, if you beg for love, the ratio of giving and taking goes quite unbalanced.

It doesn't mean one must hold extreme pride to secure the other person's love. If you become egoistic in love and never express your emotions by expecting others to approach you, then you surely end up alone. Sometimes you need to reach your partner regardless of the lows and highs, only then you can form a relationship out of pure love. But if you beg for love, you need to degrade, devalue, demean and disgust yourself by keeping your self-respect, self-esteem and self-worth aside, which does no good in the long run as you inevitably be considered as someone who seeks love by requesting.

Everything may seem okay initially after you accomplish the task of being with the person whom you desire the most but gradually everything falls apart soon after your levels of contribution decrease, your capabilities of giving decline, and your efforts of keeping the spark diminish. Do you think love varies according to the person's materialistic abilities? If it varies then it's not love, it's a conditional contract of acting unconditional love. So don't inflict pain by begging for love from someone whom you think is way out of your league.

When you know you can never get that person, don't try again and again until and unless you are so sure of reaching the level where you can meet the eyes of the other person and express your genuine emotions. If the other person denies your hand, don't stoop down yourself so much that you get love as a penny out of sympathy or intentional gains. Moreover, if you love yourself, you don't feel like begging for love. Because you know your worth and you search for someone who deserves your true love and get into the person who loves you back the way you deserve.

Don't beg for love and affection. These emotions must appear genuinely from the bottom of a person's heart.

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