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This is why you need to understand the marketing gimmicks in Pride Month!

To clear the clouds, sexuality isn't a trend and queer culture isn't just a festive season. Queer orientations and queer people are more than a fashion statement, they are life and every single queer person must be recognized, noticed, and observed every single day and surely not only in June! Needless to say, fashion is one of the main aspects to be celebrated as part of Pride month celebrations throughout the world, but under the name of queer fashion, various brands are throwing marketing gimmicks to lure the queer crowd out there and it is very important for every queer person to comprehend them properly and invest their money in right brands!

But in the world of thousands of fashion brands, it becomes challenging for a person to know which one is right and which one is wrong, in the aspect of supporting the queer community. Yes, as a queer person, one must encourage the brands that empower the queer community in every possible way. Hence, you must focus on the brands that fail at recognizing queer people and stop falling into the traps of their marketing gimmicks!

It is a miserable thing to bring up the fact that most of the International brands are just throwing rainbows at people and releasing them as queer collections and minting money like crazy. All the brand-conscious people are considering it as a boon and purchasing the products just because they get a brand tag with a rainbow on one's footwear or clothing or accessories. This kind of mentality won't help you and others too. Do you think the queer community is only about rainbows?

With this narrow mindset, many brands are coming up with their merchandise printed with rainbow colors and unicorns to charm the queer crowd and make them buy these senseless products. Grow up. Be a mature person and understand the ideology behind those products. They are just the outcomes of typical marketing strategies.

Never chose the brand which showcases their queer product line only in Pride month and not in the rest of the year. It is a clear trap of engaging people to increase their sales by placing their products in storefronts only in June. So, what do you think that is stopping them to continue their queer product range throughout the year?

Invest in those products which portray more than just rainbow colors. Pick those products which are printed with the updated version of the Pride flag. This represents that the particular brand is following and focusing on the deeper chords of the developments of the queer community. If it is just a rainbow, just ignore the product. Select something that is completely inclusive.

Show your middle finger to those designer brands which say that they design clothes regardless of gender identities and orientations, but only showcase the pieces of clothing that are typically gender binary on mannequins. Don't encourage such false-promising designers and brands. They are full of manipulative marketing gimmicks.

You need to choose those brands which are exclusively for queer people by including products, merchandise relating to every single queer orientation. Well, you can find these brands only delivering their creativity to encourage the motive of queer people. You can see products belonging to all the queer orientations with various funny quotes, relatable content, exclusive flag prints for gays, lesbians, transgenders, pansexuals, intersexuals, bisexuals, and asexuals too. These brands provide everything to every queer person under one roof.

Instead of choosing these international labels where they restrict queer product range to one single section in the corner of a store, step into those stores which make you feel that you are on a queer island or choose the brand online in which you find a lot of queer products to choose. Get confused instead of getting bored.

Choose the brand that continuously works on their product range and keep manufacturing products of various types instead of just sticking to one product all the time and throw you every single pride month. Encourage the creativity and people who constantly develop their products to encourage, empower and entertain their queer customers.

If you are a typical shopper or a shopaholic who gets around various stores to buy various kinds of products, observe how you get treated every time you step into a particular store. If you get only recognized in Pride month and get treated as a valued customer, unlike the other months, never step in that store again. Because you remain queer the whole year, not only in June.

Select brands which deliver their queer product range to all the age categories instead of merely focusing on adults. This kind of weird mentalities must be crushed. There are a few brands that don't produce products with queer flags, unicorns, and queer content in the kids' section as they feel that kids get influenced and follow the queer community blindly. Ideally, invest your money in brands that give you all cute queer clothes for kids. Buy them for your nieces, nephews, siblings, and any kid you like because these brands focus on motivating and inspiring queer kids to be queer without restricting themselves according to gender norms!

Last but not least, invest in brands that donate at least 5 to 20 percent of their incomes for the upliftment of queer people across the world. Even though these brands don't provide typical queer products and they may not belong to the fashion world, they still work for the queer community. Search for those brands and take initiation to buy their products to indirectly contribute your money to the needy.

Don't fall for the cheap marketing gimmicks; a few brands use to lure queer people to invest their money and increase their sales in Pride month just by portraying rainbow flags on shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup product covers, etc. These brands only include the queer community in Pride month and rest of the year they don't give a damn about queer people at all.

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