This is why you need to understand the marketing gimmicks in Pride Month!

To clear the clouds, sexuality isn't a trend and queer culture isn't just a festive season. Queer orientations and queer people are more than a fashion statement, they are life and every single queer person must be recognized, noticed, and observed every single day and surely not only in June! Needless to say, fashion is one of the main aspects to be celebrated as part of Pride month celebrations throughout the world, but under the name of queer fashion, various brands are throwing marketing gimmicks to lure the queer crowd out there and it is very important for every queer person to comprehend them properly and invest their money in right brands!

But in the world of thousands of fashion brands, it becomes challenging for a person to know which one is right and which one is wrong, in the aspect of supporting the queer community. Yes, as a queer person, one must encourage the brands that empower the queer community in every possible way. Hence, you must focus on the brands that fail at recognizing queer people and stop falling into the traps of their marketing gimmicks!