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This is why transgenders are more prone to gender dysphoria...

Have you ever stood in front of your mirror and keenly observed every single inch of your body and hoped to wish you were the person who was different from the image in your mirror? Have you wrapped yourself in your sister's dress and posed with utmost femininity? Did you paint facial hair on your face and behave like a complete man though you know that you are a girl? These look weird, annoying, and quite disturbing, but these remain as serious issues in a person's life which leads to a state of confusion and frustration.

Some of us do all these things for fun, but for some people who feel low whenever they look at themselves, these things do matter a lot. Mostly, transgenders handle these issues from their childhood. Because the hormonal imbalance in their bodies makes them, think and behave like some other person who they don't know. They struggle to comprehend why this is happening only for them. After experiencing a lot of hurdles, physically and emotionally, transgenders realize their bodies and finally come to the conclusion, that they are in wrong bodies and they have to fight to get into the right bodies. Well, this is the stage where Gender dysphoria steps in the life of any transgender person.

Gender dysphoria is a condition in which there is a conflict between a person's physical gender and the gender he or she identifies with. Any person would be assigned either of the genders from gender binary; male or female, during the birth. But there is no rule that a person must carry that particular gender label till the grave. And few other genders can be identified to a person in the process of evolving in life. In the part of the process, a personal struggle with one's body, soul, postures, gestures, behavioral patterns, sexual attractions, preferences, likes, and dislikes in many aspects. And this is when a person realizes that he or she is transgender and needs a transition in every possible way to match his or her soul with the body.

Transition or transforming into another person is not an easy process and it includes many psychological, physical, emotional, mental, biological, surgical aspects that encourage a person to attain the status of being a completely transformed person. Meanwhile, a person is identified as transgender pre-operated, partial-operated, and post-operated too! But before the total transition, many statistics have proven that transgenders are more prone to gender dysphoria.

It is extremely difficult responding to people when they refer to entitle you as 'Miss', whereas all you desired is to mention yourself as Mister. It is hard when your mom urges you to tie a dhoti and wear a shirt when all you need is to present yourself in a gracefully draped sari. It is exhausting to lead the life of a gentlewoman when you crave to portray yourself as a tough man. It is torturous when you think about future consequences and how people treat you when you come out as transgender and especially how your parents react. It seems brutal when you encounter a few situations which you never ask them anymore in life, especially when it comes to menstrual cycles in trans-men. It feels oppressive when you feel for another woman walking beside you, but you can't open your mouth and support the femininity just because you are a closeted trans-woman.

Most importantly, it is distressing to encounter similar situations every single day though you come out of the closet and portray yourself as an open transgender. It bothers you every second that though you come out, you have to face too many hurdles to be yourself and go against all the odds to finally rest in the body you always want to be in. There are a lot of thoughts, which make transgender feel dysphoric whenever they come across situations that entangled with their gender identity and especially whenever they see their genitalia and body parts. In the process of transition, a transgender person goes through a lot and pressurizes one's self to get rid of the unwanted body parts.

To all the transgenders out there, do you think your sexual orientation is all about your genitalia? Do you think that you need to give a damn about the criticism you face every day? Don't you know the fact that it's hard to be transgender, and you must be prepared to face the world and prove your identity? Instead, why do you care about others' opinions? Why do you degrade your body just because your soul speaks differently? Why do you feel depressed and give chance to people to suppress you even more? Where all your courage vanishes off when you see yourself in the mirror? Most importantly, when you know that you are about to get transformed, why can't you be patient enough to handle the issue?

Most of the transgenders are facing medical issues psychologically and physically before and during the transition phase. This also may affect the results in the after transition phase. You must be strong and confident about yourself in every possible aspect to see yourself the way you always imagined. Hence, take the gender dysphoric vibes from your mind. Be comfortable with yourself regardless of your transition phases. Always remember, being transgender is not a choice. It is an inescapable and natural sexual orientation. But hating yourself is always a choice. If you choose to hate yourself then how can you expect others to accept and love you?

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