This is why queer teens must believe in fluidity!

The aspect of fluidity exists in every person's life regardless of orientation and identity but one can get along with it only when one accepts it completely without stepping back in exploring the length and breadth of sexual fluidity. If you observe yourself as a queer person, then you must comprehend your personality completely to attain proper clarity and that can happen only when you believe in fluidity.

A journey of a queer person always changes its course no matter what. A queer person gets assigned a particular gender by considering one's genitals and biological appearance. Do you think that gender identity remains the same throughout one's life? There are many queer people out there whose gender identity is different during birth and leading their lives with different identities currently. Do you know how and why this phenomenon happens? It's because all those queer people identify the importance of fluidity gradually and they emerge as true queer people.

If you are a gay teen, the level of exposure to the queer community could be too low and the level of confusion could be too high. But teenage is the phase of committing mistakes and learning out of them. You may feel that you are this particular person as of now but later your feelings, emotions, tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes may alter you into someone extremely different. And this is reasonably possible but you can make peace with that change only if you appreciate the aspect of fluidity.