This is why queer teens must believe in fluidity!

The aspect of fluidity exists in every person's life regardless of orientation and identity but one can get along with it only when one accepts it completely without stepping back in exploring the length and breadth of sexual fluidity. If you observe yourself as a queer person, then you must comprehend your personality completely to attain proper clarity and that can happen only when you believe in fluidity.

A journey of a queer person always changes its course no matter what. A queer person gets assigned a particular gender by considering one's genitals and biological appearance. Do you think that gender identity remains the same throughout one's life? There are many queer people out there whose gender identity is different during birth and leading their lives with different identities currently. Do you know how and why this phenomenon happens? It's because all those queer people identify the importance of fluidity gradually and they emerge as true queer people.

If you are a gay teen, the level of exposure to the queer community could be too low and the level of confusion could be too high. But teenage is the phase of committing mistakes and learning out of them. You may feel that you are this particular person as of now but later your feelings, emotions, tastes, preferences, likes, and dislikes may alter you into someone extremely different. And this is reasonably possible but you can make peace with that change only if you appreciate the aspect of fluidity.

Gender identities, sexual orientations, personal interests, and labels are the most essential elements in your life that must get along with fluidity if not your life would stop at a restricted point where you can't go further in exploring yourself and your personality. Well, if you become rigid against embracing gender and sexual fluidity, you surely regret it later. Even though you are a teenager, don't commit this mistake and if you think you restrict it, then you need to loosen up and allow fluidity to change your perspective towards life and yourself too.

The male, female, transgender, and Non-binary are the gender identities where people fall under. Typically we all get assigned males or females during our births and that's because of biological appearance. But the same biology contradicts these two gender identities when a person feels the hormonal imbalance in terms of appearance and behavioral patterns and that's how a person transforms oneself into the opposite gender who comes out as transgender. But being non-binary is all about not falling under the roofs of a male, female, and transgender. Hence, a non-binary person can be no one, anyone, or someone. Specifically speaking, a non-binary person doesn't follow regular gender norms, can go with two identities together, can maintain no identity at all, or can be a blend of everything! Well, that's how fluidity works and that's how a person gets to know about oneself.

Like how gender identities are decided during the birth of a person, every person will be assumed to be heterosexual because of the typical societal norms. No one finds you gay soon after you are born. Only fluidity helps a person to find one's true sexual orientation by taking sexual interests and preferences into consideration. Yesterday's heterosexuals can be today's bisexuals; today's bisexuals can be tomorrow's homosexuals, and who knows, a person may announce oneself as asexual after reaching a certain age. Sexual orientations are quite fluid as a person's carnal interests, sexual tastes, and sensual preferences may change regularly and for some, it may never change.

It doesn't mean that you need to explore by engaging yourself physically and emotionally with every person out there just to get clarity about your identity and orientation. It must happen naturally without forcing yourself to get into something which you are not and you never feel for. For instance, if you accept yourself as bisexual and come out as one to the society where you end up dating both boys and girls or men and women simultaneously, then there's no rule that you need to remain the same when you completely feel tilted towards one particular gender.

If you are assigned as male during birth and if you feel that gender identity befits your personality where you remain happy and satisfied with your identity, then you can cherish your life as a man. There's no confusion in it, until and unless you feel otherwise. Now, if you think you aren't a strict straight person and you may feel attracted towards both men and women. Being a teenager, you may feel being bisexual is your orientation and come out as one. After dating a few men and women while exploring the queer lifestyle in every possible way with both these genders, if you feel tilted and more attracted towards men and lose interest in women in every single perspective including your romantic and erotic interests, you need to get along with the fluidity. And it happens with many queer people. Then you may come out as Gay who is interested in having relationships with men. And you may find happiness and utmost satisfaction in your sexual orientation as gay. And later on, you may not feel fluid anymore especially when you are not disappointed with your sexual orientation.

The same is applicable for labels too. You may find someone as your true love today but after a few years after breaking up with the same person, you may feel him/her/them as a mere friend and nothing more. Hence, instead of being rigid, sad, dissatisfied, and disappointed with too many regrets, it's always better to embrace the aspect of fluidity to be happy, satisfied, and contented with your identity and orientation. Being a queer teenager, you must be comfortable with fluidity to ensure a good queer life ahead.