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This is why it is okay to be friendly with your exes!

Being friendly has nothing to do with bearing a label called "Friends" between two people who had a profound relationship history. Many people don't like to consider one's exes as their friends and it is completely fine to think like that as it is quite understandable. But you can carry that cozy comfort with your exes without naming it as a typical friendship. And you need to excel further in your life instead of getting swallowed up by unnecessary and invisible negativity in and around you!

There is no rule that every couple must break up on bad terms and should never come across each other in any kind of circumstances and if you rigidly think that way, it becomes difficult for you to get hold of people in your life. Of course, sometimes getting rid of a few toxic people is the best thing to do but getting rid of every person whom you break up with, is one kind of foolishness.

Love may not work all the time, but that innocent affection without any kind of expectations with a tint of support works all the time. No one denies having someone who can understand without getting emotionally and physically involved under the name of a passionate relationship. Then what's the harm of being in contact with your ex? After all, your ex would perceive you inside out at some kind of comfortable level right!

Under the baseless influence of family and friends, many couples fall into the deepest dilemma of being in touch after the fall of their relationship. If you unconditionally love someone, you must be there for them throughout your life even though there isn't any established and announced relationship between you and your ex-partner. If you like to remain in contact, then please go ahead and flourish a beautiful bond with your ex without getting drifted away with influences around you. It is you, who must decide regarding who stays in your life.

Similarly, there's this underlying negative approach whenever we speak about exes. Having an ex is not at all the epitome of retaining a failed relationship in your past. There are many couples out there who break their romantic paths away because of career, lifestyle, family, society, long-distance, and silly misunderstandings. So, not all breakup stories portray a toxic relationship; some of them are truly beautiful endings.

Speaking of endings, if you end on a happy note, things become easier for you to get along with your ex as you pal further. Even though you end your relationship on bad terms and acknowledge the mistakes you have done before, you can always get back to your ex by giving and receiving the perfect closure to re-end the things on a good note, so that you can restart and rebuild a new relationship.

Closure helps a person to gain proper clarity regarding one's mistakes and the expectations of an ideal partner so that you can transform yourself as a better person for your further relationships. And if you keep escaping from your exes you would never know your flaws or their flaws or how your perceptions are being depicted out there. So instead of struggling with a confused mindset, confronting or facing your ex helps you get better and if everything gets cleared, what else would be there for you to hold back for considering someone who you recognize as one of your people?

Being friendly has its limitations. You can't flirt and fuck around. You can't just erotically get attached, because it makes you travel towards romanticism with your ex. So, if you don't want that to happen and if you want your ex to stay in your life, you need to get friend-zoned and also friend zone your ex properly, so that you end up having a beautiful bond with no romantic strings.

Exes can carry out better roles in setting you up with your dream partner. They can be your worthier wingmen because they know what you lack, what you need, what you desire, and what you dislike. After all, yes, experience does matter at the end of the day. So, they make certain you end up with the proper person. Relationships flourish beautifully if you maintain a broader view in dealing with people, especially people with whom you connect in every possible way.

After ending a relationship, playing blame-game, falling into regret and guilty, ignoring each other's presence and demanding useless explanations, reacting super weirdly with each other are foolish acts. If you want to get rid of a person, do it completely without preserving any trace of your relationship, especially when you think that particular person's presence makes you sick and uncomfortable. But if you want to identify your ex-partner as your friend and continue to have an attachment, then initiate and make efforts to be with your ex, especially in tough times. That shows your maturity level and mostly your human nature.

Come out of this weird generalized opinion of society in which exes consistently get treated in the wrong way and depicted as villains, even though they are appealing, alluring, and amazing. Mistakes happen all the time, but there is no need to make another mistake to support the mistake you might have made before in your committed relationship. Having someone to reach out and talk about everything without any filter is such a blessing. And you can easily do that with a person who formerly saw your naked soul and body. Don't over scrutinize things. Just go with the flow and be friendly because that spreads positive vibes in your life.

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