This is why it is necessary to put a full stop to all those commas!

Not giving literature advice here but a life lesson one must learn to get along with one's romantic life smoothly instead of facing constant obstacles by traveling on the same rugged path. Indeed, it is wholly understandable when it comes to staying away from your past relationships. Moving on and overgrowing your exes is moderately a difficult endeavor altogether but don't you think at one particular point in your lifetime, you must end it completely without leaving any traces? Adeptly, we, humans can't accept reality until and unless it hits us hard so badly that we revive our senses for good.

A sentence or a passage or even a chapter ends with a full stop regardless of uncountable commas. But the evident fact is, it must end at one point no matter how much a person can drag a story to different extremes. The title is all about the necessity of concluding things regardless of the count of trials to survive an already messed up relationship especially when you know deep down that relationship can be survived at the cost of losing your individuality or losing some important phase or face of your life. Needless to say, a perfect relationship is an illusion and in many cases, people do apply 'commas' in their relationships 'chapter' with the hope of ending on a satisfying 'full stop'. But if you are someone who keeps entertaining all those commas in the fear of accepting a full stop, then you need to embrace how the real world works.

Love can make people insanely sick, especially in terms of entertaining false hopes. Some relationships bring emotional trauma into our life scenarios and instead of getting rid of them, we sometimes get used to them and gradually start getting along with them which ultimately leads us to suffer them without complaining at the cost of our mental peace and personal growth. The thought of losing the person you invest your energy and effort in, seems inexplicably painful but when you know that person constantly causes you one or the other issue in your life, do you think that person's existence does any good for your romantic life?

Some love stories get that full-stop end by having too many com