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This is why gay tops should stop getting worried about their sizes!

To all the gay tops, who assume that all gay bottoms in the world care much about the size of your penises! It's time to clear the clouds to see the clear picture because a well-experienced gay bottom never gives a damn about your dick size. After all, size never really does matter to them! So, whomever you met or hooked up with or who constantly keep pressurizing you to have an enormous dick to thrust into his butt hole, that particular gay bottom mustn't have experienced the real penetration!

It's a huge myth and utmost stupidity to think that a guy with a huge dick can be good in bed and no one else can! Come out of that sensual bubble and burst all the sexual stereotypes around you. Don't get affected by these baseless theories. A guy who can provide you an inexplicable sensual satisfaction is always better than a guy who has an enormous penis and there is no rule that a well-experienced gay top must have a big size dick. An average ideal size dick could fulfill all your sensual desires.

If you are a gay top and who always obsessed with getting worried about your penis size, then you must come out of that tiny mindset of yours! This won't do any good for you. It rather leaves you with performance anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, over consciousness, unnecessary addictions, physical and medical implications. And for your kind information, never believe the advertisements on porn sites that suggest you try their products for your penis enhancement. Come on, grow up. They are completely marketing gimmicks that can trick you into some bad investments.

Gay tops or people who penetrate always get worried about their sizes. No one can stop it and hence, you need to worry less by focusing on other things. If you are not blessed with a huge dick that can fill into the hole of any ass or vagina, you must know how to employ your penis into some right action so that your focus won't get diverted on your size. Learn the sensual tactics. Experiment with various positions, oral sex, role plays, and foreplay. Always remember, you can give an orgasm to your partner by just speaking to him sensually. All you need to know is how to use your skills, instead of unnecessarily getting worried about penis size!

To make that happen, you need to accept yourself and your penis the way it is. You should never degrade yourself and Never compare with others. Most importantly, you should never compete with others and make decisions that lead you to unfortunate consequences. Steroids, drugs, various intimate sprays, or crazy capsules, won't do anything. They are a total waste of time, money, and health. Instead, boost up your testosterone levels by eating good, drinking good and maintaining yourself well.

What's the use of a big dick if you can't last more than a minute? And do you still think gay bottoms like men who climax faster than an Instagram reel? So focus on the aspect of sensual satisfaction instead of thinking about having a big tool with no stamina to stay inside your partner. Until and unless you feel satisfied with yourself and your sensual acts, you can never satisfy your partner.

  • Know the positions that make you reach the insides of your partner.

  • Take initiation about talking about the normalities in and around sex with your partner.

  • Be confident about yourself and always be proud of having a functional dick.

  • Never talk too much about your size and pressurize yourself. It is such a turn-off to your gay bottoms.

  • Don't boast about sensual personality instead prove it through your tactics.

  • Never let any of your partners criticize your dick. Get rid of such people. They demotivate you, and you don't have to ruin your peace of mind.

  • Don't let a person's opinion get into your brain. Learn to let go of things and look forward to a better person.

  • Manage your diet, habits and invest in natural things that may help to enhance your sensual performance. Take dry fruits, fibrous food, protein, and less fat substances.

  • Don't smoke and don't drink way too much. You should think about quit smoking as it affects your testosterone levels!

  • More or less, according to science, an average penis grows around the age of 12 to 16. So if you are a man who isn't in his teenage, stop dreaming about enormous dicks.

  • Be happy with what you got. Work towards inner strength and worry less about outer appearances.

  • Keep the side effects of using penis enhancement medications or regimes in your mind. They may increase the size of your tool to some extent but at the cost of the damage of other organs, shrink of testosterone levels, premature ejaculations, and some may experience the loss of sex appeal.

This is to all the gay bottoms out there: Stop getting deviated by guys who boast their dick sizes by calculating and mentioning their inches on various dating profiles. That's another virtual trap many gay bottoms are falling which is a very bad filter for you to choose your sex partners or dating partners or even your life partners. Size never matters, only the experience and efforts matter. What if you choose a person who has a huge dick but doesn't know how to use it? What if, your so-called big-fat-dick-guy doesn't know how to penetrate deep into your butt hole till it reaches your prostate? By the way, do you know that a sexy gay top who knows how to use his finger can reach your prostate and give you an orgasm? In this case, do you even need a big dick?

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