This is why forcing attraction is a blunder in dating!

Admiring someone or falling in love at first sight with someone you get attracted to, isn't a wrong approach in one's dating life but forcing someone to like you by expecting them to feel exactly the way how you feel is plain stupidity. Unfortunately, many people make this silly mistake and get into various kinds of messy situations. Romantic attractions can't be forced, they must happen naturally and mutually.

When the dosage of attraction is limitless and especially one-sided from a person, there are high chances for that person to act insanely to attain the attention of the other person. Similarly, if the other person is extremely gorgeous in every possible way yet misses that charm of a deserving partner, there are chances for people to sign up for that person for other factors than true love. Forcing attraction to get someone and forcing attraction to be with someone, are the purest forms of dating blunders, which a sane person should never commit.