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This is why forcing attraction is a blunder in dating!

Admiring someone or falling in love at first sight with someone you get attracted to, isn't a wrong approach in one's dating life but forcing someone to like you by expecting them to feel exactly the way how you feel is plain stupidity. Unfortunately, many people make this silly mistake and get into various kinds of messy situations. Romantic attractions can't be forced, they must happen naturally and mutually.

When the dosage of attraction is limitless and especially one-sided from a person, there are high chances for that person to act insanely to attain the attention of the other person. Similarly, if the other person is extremely gorgeous in every possible way yet misses that charm of a deserving partner, there are chances for people to sign up for that person for other factors than true love. Forcing attraction to get someone and forcing attraction to be with someone, are the purest forms of dating blunders, which a sane person should never commit.

If you force attraction in yourself or someone, things become quite materialistic and even though you manage to be with the person whom you get attracted to, that relationship becomes a mere contract of using each other for bodily and worldly pleasures. That zeal and passion of showering love towards each other and being there as a support for each other lacks in such relationships. Regrettably, the eventual outcome will be a disgusting breakup, no matter how long you can manage to survive such a relationship.

It's okay to get attracted to people. Instead of cooking up your feelings inside, try to express them soon after you feel something for them. If they express that they don't feel the same for you, instead of being stubborn, aggressive, and stupid, you must be practical enough to let it go and settle with the situation peacefully in a mature way. But if you keep poking that person even after encountering the negative reaction, things become pretty ugly from both sides. Of course, you must try hard to get someone, but it doesn't mean you need to force someone to be with you at any cost and develop positive feelings towards you.

You must know when to keep trying to develop feelings in others and when to stop chasing them. If the other person likes you, he/she/they surely give you signals of some kind of passionate positivity but if the same person doesn't like you and tells the same thing on your face with utmost clarity, then you shouldn't go behind them and embarrass yourself. Why do you have to waste time on someone very clear about not ending up with you romantically? Instead, you can invest the same time who deserves your attention, love, and affection. So, stop trying to make efforts on the wrong people. Stop trying to force your attraction on someone who doesn't even react to your feelings. Most importantly stop being so stuck up with someone whom you got deeply attracted to, even though you know the result, which is losing your self-respect.

There is no rule that you need to entertain a person who is beautiful and handsome enough even though you don't possess any kind of intention to be head over heels for that person. This is another common mistake many people commit in their dating scenarios. Sometimes even though the other person has all the worthy traits of a typical dream partner, you may not feel any kind of soulful connection. When you don't find the spark in the other person no matter how breathless he/she/they make the outside world, you don't have to force yourself or your attractions towards that person, especially for the sake of the other person or society or family or friends.

Regardless of orientations, we meet these self-tagged worthy enough greek gods and queens in our life, they may like us deeply, but just because they check all the other materialistic boxes but not the aspect of passionate love or romance, you don't have to be with them forcefully by pretending to be attracted to them. You can't be happy and satisfied with them at the end of the day even though life around you makes you feel completely settled and sophisticated. You can never match your emotions and feelings with physical appearances and elite lifestyle choices. So choose what your heart says and always listen to your emotion of love. Never force yourself to feel attracted to someone whom you are not at all attracted to emotionally, romantically, and psychologically.

You can have sex with someone if you are physically attracted and get done with it practically. You can go on a luxurious getaway to experience the elegant lifestyle of a person and get done with your money-oriented dating choices. You can pretend to like someone even though it is a bit hard for you. But you should never pretend your romantic attractions towards others and you can never ask others to feel attracted to you forcefully. Love is a natural concept. No matter how worthy you are, you can never force it to happen!

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