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This is why duplicity in love is a grave mistake!

Often we all fall for such manipulative patterns by people who are capable enough to pull off materialistic pleasures behind the mask of love. That's plain stupidity but greediness makes a person unable to understand the chastity of the emotion of love. Hence, a person tends to choose a path that can make other people drift and fall into the emotional trap by using the word called Love. Unfortunately, this is come to be one of the common dating scenarios currently.

Duplicity is all about approaching another person through a selfless act by having selfish intentions to get things done accordingly. Generally, people enact this kind of manipulation in profiting themselves to gain something out of other person's innocence, trust and commitment. But using the concept of love by creating a situation where you make others believe it to be your selfless act towards them in terms of fulfilling your carnal pleasures is indeed the most degrading thing you can ever commit to yourself and others.

You call someone a golddigger if that person uses one's partner financially to get uplifted in society in terms of money. You call someone an attention seeker if that person uses one's partner as the medium of gaining name and fame by using one's popularity. You call someone a pervert if that person tricks one's partner to get into sexual contact. There are names for such demeaning manipulative acts committed by any person toward one's partner, but there is no word to describe a person who is selfish enough behind a selfless approach.

If you think you are smart enough to extend your support to someone who is in dire need of help, to get something in return in the form of money, name, fame or sex, then that does not help and you won't be considered as a human. Soon after your intentions become transactional after taking someone out of blues; your life becomes pale because of your ruthless intentions. And at last, if the person whom you target by taking for granted, gets to know your true colours, then your whole world gets crumbled into pieces and your name gets defamed easily. In some situations, you may even end up in complicated consequences and people who trust you before can never even think of considering you again in their lifetimes.

If you unconditionally love someone, you don't have to plot a situation to make them fall in love with you but if you intentionally create a critical situation for a person to trap in every possible way by using the emotion of love, to fulfil your thirst in terms of bodily, monetarily and worldly pleasures, then that duplicity gets disclosed in the worst way unexpectedly.

Targeting a person to elevate your lifestyle and life scenario, trapping a person with scheming moves and tricking a person to trust you endlessly so that one can get benefitted out of it, never make a person elevate in one's life. One must remember an important thing, a person who trusts more can easily turn into the person who hates the more and can become capable enough to see the end of any person.

Love represents pure emotion and one must not deceive by taking its name and camouflaging one's ridiculous intentions behind it. A person who approaches you with the proposal of sex directly is far better than a person who intends to gain hedonistic pleasure by cornering others to fulfil the sensual desire. Unfortunately, in this current dating scenario, some people are following the pattern of duplicity by engaging their desired partners in a situation where they could extend their help by depicting it as a selfless act to satisfy one's carnal fantasies, financial lust and cravings for popularity. Don't you think all those lies become quite evident, on one fine day when you can't provide something you can ever be capable of giving? Hence, don't commit such a grave mistake of duplicity in love, relationships, commitments and trust-based bonds.

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