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This is why diplomacy may ruin your romantic relationship sometimes!

Being diplomatic is one of the soft skills that help a person to manage the situation with tactful sensitivity and cleverness. You can flip the worst situation into a calm one if you use diplomacy to settle any kind of issue but unfortunately, this doesn't work everywhere and with every person. Even diplomacy must be shown with certain limits, if you exceed them, you end up looking weak and make yourself a pawn in others' games. Are you the person who feels being diplomatic is the safer option so that you don't have to risk your relationship by convincing your partner and other people at the same time? Well, do you think it works every single time you let your partner down and try to mend things in the favour of others to not let unnecessary consequences affect your relationship? If you think so, then you must realize that you are on the way towards ruining your relationship.

Not every person stays silent and is okay with your diplomatic behaviour because it makes a relationship look political one day. Especially, if your partner is particular about taking the right side instead of balancing the extremes with your tactics, then you can't hold your relationship for a long time because this kind of diplomacy irks extremists off.

Try to realize, recognize, observe and notice the happenings around you from every single angle without forgetting to think from your partner's side too. Just because you both are entitled to be in love and relationship, it doesn't give you a right to overlook your partner's point of view.

Of course, you need support from people and society and there's no doubt that if you maintain good relations with people, you can get rid of complications easily. But in the process of being in the good books of people, you may throw yourself into the bad books of your partner because no matter what your partner always expects your support, especially when your partner is so particular about being right. Even though you perceive your partner's truthfulness, if you play a diplomatic role in terms of controlling the situation, by supporting others and not sticking to your partner's side completely, then you may lose your partner forever.

Genuine Extremists or people who are particular about their points when the truth lies in their part, they hate being diplomatic. They either fight for the truth or expect support to make them prove their points but they never forgive or forget or ignore the situation completely. And if your partner is someone who can't be compromised or convinced with your diplomatic personality, you must know that it's high time for you to extend your support and stand beside him/her to fight for him/her when you know that your partner is a victim or not guilty or truthful.

Feelings in a romantic relationship are fragile and they become only strong when both partners support each other even though it takes to stand against the cunning world around them. Diplomacy may help you reduce the effect of a situation but taking the ethical side will clear off the whole situation even though it includes some struggle. You can never be happy by being diplomatic in your relationship to convince the world around you; You can only be happy if you support your partner when it is most required and needed because that's what love is all about.

You may agree with it or not; diplomacy does wonders in politics, business and workplace situations, but it does the opposite if you consistently portray your diplomatic side and don't expect that your image remains the same in your partner's mind. You may rise as this good-hearted, sensible, thoughtful and understanding person in the eyes of society, but do you think your partner would expect you to be the person who balances out the situation when you have to be at his/her side? So, before playing the card of diplomacy, comprehend the facts, analyze the situation from every angle and consider your move. If your partner is right in every possible way, you don't have to bridge between your partner and the whole world because your place must be right beside your partner fighting against the world. That's when true love reflects!

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