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This is why being straight should not be a 'default'!

It's high time for people to come out of that conservative bubble by leaving the Victorian-era sexuality norms because nations became independent, people became forward-minded and situations started accepting the generational voids. But unfortunately, even after reaching 2023, we still generalise people's sexualities, especially by assuming every human to be straight and every person to have romantic attractions towards the opposite sex. Forget about lust, love and lineage, are we even thinking about life, which is the essential purpose of being born on this earth as a human? Why do we lack such normality by clouding ourselves with orthodox opinions that take humanity out of us?

You may feel attacked if you get to digest the harshest fact of the upcoming generation that you cannot naively assume or confirm your kid's sexual orientation and especially your kid's gender soon after the birth. Gone are the days when people used to define an offspring's life according to the genitals one carries. Absolutely, your parents might have confined you to be a male or a female with respective personal, psychological, social and societal norms and might have imbibed the aspect of being straight enough according to various exterior influences and interior impacts. Indeed, they got that kind of mindset from their parents who were restrictive enough to follow certain rigid rules laid by random rulers. But conservative mindsets are not properties and you don't have to inherit them because unlike properties they never excel you in any possible way.

In this current, modern era, where the queer community became colourful as a fully grown winged butterfly emerging out of an ugly cocoon after facing way too many hurdles during its growth inside out, perspectives have gradually changed and in many parts of the world queer people are getting accepted, recognised and celebrated too. Yet, the notions around the world haven't changed especially in terms of considering a fellow human to be straight. We walk in our society with the thought that everyone is straight and people could be either male or female. When the world is vast and enormous, why our thoughts are restricted to mere two genders and one orientation?

Understandably, heterosexuality has been celebrated for ages and eras, and it became a habitual concept that only a male and female can get into a romantic arrangement or involvement because that's how nature excels with the element of reproduction to survive mankind for generations till the end. Like how herbs and shrubs exist in the plant kingdom together, how carnivores and herbivores exist in the animal kingdom, how people from various continents exist simultaneously with various traditions, cultures, ethnicities, differences and similarities, don't you think various sexual orientations also exist in human personalities alongside various gender identities? How come we overlook such an intrinsic aspect every time we think about a fellow human including our family, friends and even strangers?

Stop generating that image of being straight as a default in your head when you refer someone because you can't conclude a person's orientation and identity without proper knowledge or information about that person. Either you must seek how a person identifies oneself and whom he/she/they like to get romantically attracted to. Because it is as rudimentary as inquiring about someone's wellness. If the phrase, "How are you doing?" get considered the first interactive line to know about someone's wellness, then the phrase, "How do you identify yourself?" must be considered the basic one to know about others, especially strangers. Of course, you can't have control over their answers, but you should question properly to maintain your human standards and to keep harmony in human relationships. People may say that they are fine even though they are not, similarly, they make fake about their identities and orientations too. Here the results don't matter, your initiative of not assuming a person to be fine or straight or gender binary, does matter because it allows others to explain themselves, open up and disclose the right information without hesitation.

Being straight should not be a default orientation for any person including your family members and friends. Plus, there's the aspect of sexual and gender fluidity where a person may identify as something or someone till some period and may identify as something else later when the fluidity hits the realisation and gives proper clarity to a person. Hence, it is crucial enough to prepare to accept the fact the way it is without frowning your eyebrows, rolling your eyes, pursing your lips, or exclaiming your gestures and postures that express your disappointment or displeasure. It's high time that you shouldn't dramatic about someone's orientation and identity.

Society evolves with abundant possibilities, endless opportunities and unlimited perspectives, only when people come out of their petty mindsets and be broad-minded enough to allow the existence of various kinds of diversities naturally instead of restricting themselves to confined conventions.

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