This is how you must identify an authentic queer oriented brand/business!

Nowadays queer oriented brands are excelling gradually throughout the world and even in India, especially after legalising queer rights and decriminalizing homosexuality. The change is quite evident as many businesses are popping up with queer thematic approaches. During Pride month almost all top brands start promoting their rainbow merchandise to attract queer customers but do you think that these particular brands care for the upliftment of the community? Under the name of support, these brands throw marketing gimmicks at queer people to make the purchase or invest in those branded product lines.

Because of the existence of these international brands with their queer-themed products, many authentic queer brands or local queer businesses or stores that are managed by queer people, aren't getting the required spotlight to attract their customers in the most happening month of the year. Hence, if you are a queer person who is truly concerned regarding the upliftment of other queer people, you need to know how to identify authentic brands from the brands that shower love only in June to dazzle the queer crowd.