This is how others' coming out stories affect you!

There is a huge difference between being inspired, being influenced, and being affected. Unfortunately, in the process of acquiring inspiration, many queer people are falling into the traps of guilt, regret, pain, and deeper darkness, as they get easily affected by others' coming out stories and closeted statuses.

Coming out of the sexuality closet is a process that a person must respect and get along with, instead of rushing up and facing the unwanted consequences. It is neither a competition nor losing one's personality. It is all about balancing every single aspect of your life and gradually opening up in various phases without affecting one's harmony and peace. But sadly, this isn't the situation in the queer community. Here, influences are getting drifted away easily and people are getting affected unnecessarily.

To clear the clouds, always remember one thing, no two people have the same coming out story, and not all coming out stories include a tragedy. First, come out of that stereotypical shell and try to look at the world with your own naked eyes instead of borrowing other's vision.