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This is how it feels like leading the life of a transgender parent...

Being a parent to the transgender kid is completely different and difficult from being a transgender parent to kids. We all hear about the stories of a people who identify themselves as transgender and coming out struggles but we hardly give a thought to those parents who are transgenders. You all must have known this personality called "Caitlyn Jenner", that sportsperson who won in Olympics, popularly known as "Bruce Jenner" and got married to "Kris." Together as parents, they also gave birth to two international sensations "Kendall Jenner" and "Kylie Jenner"! Yes, Bruce transformed into Caitlyn after becoming a father for six 'Jenner' kids. With her program "Call me Cait", she has inspired millions of people in this world.

What will you do if your dad or mom approaches you with a complete gender transition proposal? Oh please! No judgments, because everyone gets freaked out when a person who sung lullabies and raised kids as wonder woman, all of a sudden want to become a man finally! We never accept, and we start seeing our parents as some freaks who run behind the changes because of their mid-life crisis. And we take, it as an absolute feature of embarrassment if others get to know about your parents that one of them is about to get operated and transform into transgender!

Okay, calm down! Do not overthink for a while. What would you expect your parents to do when you come out as transgender? Though you are a man, you feel like a woman and you want to match your soul with your body and hence, you decided to approach your parents for your gender transition, and finally, you expect your parents to accept you as you, no matter what! What an applauding form of hypocrisy! Isn't it? The transgender is transgender regardless of the relations and attachments with others. Though your father transforms into a woman, you would be still a son for that person. The relationship will never change, only the gender of the person changes, and do you think that love and priorities may change due to gender transitions?

There are other brave forms of parental personalities in this world. Again, transgender parents come into the picture. Some many trans-men and trans-women struggle a lot every single day for the acceptance of others not because they crave for it, just because they deserve to be treated as a fellow man or a woman. Motherhood is one aspect most woman dream about and also feel that it would complete them as a woman. Trans-women represent the men who got transformed into women after gender transition and gets identified as trans-women, who strive more desperately to become mothers. Many of them have also achieved by becoming transgender mothers to their children who somehow managed to give birth from their surgical wombs. Do you know how difficult the process of making a man give birth to a child? It's just inexplicable.

But we take it as a fun fact, and instead of portraying the normality of orientation and struggle of a person, our journalists depict as some medical miracle or else some weird people doing weird things which are against nature. Unfortunately, the current scenario for transgender parents is getting degraded day by day. Including the inner struggle within themselves and with their family members, they also have to struggle with the demeaning society and people who don't possess a bare minimum idea about being a transgender parent.

What is the difference between a parent and a transgender parent? Only the kids of transgender parents are fabulous and broad-minded. Else everything would remain the same. The responsibility, love, care, affection, everything is the same. Nothing differs. Since when kids care about the length of their dad's penises? Sorry, for stooping down to this level, because when you point out at another person's sexuality and the ability to be a parent against all odds, don't you think about the same aspect on your side and your people?

Regardless of the west and east cultures, the transgender community consistently suffers a lot for being themselves. Every day, hundreds of crimes getting committed against them. The most social hypocrite part is the younger generations are not being able to support the elder transgenders who identified themselves but took a lifetime gap for coming out. With the evolving modernity, every person trying hard to come out of their concealed shell. Because of the suppressing and depressing facts of earlier decades, people didn't possess that courage to come out. Hence, many elders are coming out in this millennial era to transcend their life on their terms with their sexuality.

When we can become an inspiration and provide a safe environment for a person to come out regardless of his age and her relations, why can't we support them and encourage them to be themselves and lead a satisfying life after facing a lot of inner and outer struggles? Is it that complex on our part? Can't we understand their feelings, being a person who completely aware of orientations, genders, sexes, and sexual preferences? If you come out as gay to your parents and expect them to accept you, why do you feel difficult if either of your parents approaches you for a gender transition or else why don't you understand when your brother who transformed as a trans-woman wants to give birth to a child?

It's all about supporting each other no matter what. Sexuality could never disconnect people and thrusts them to suffering until and unless if we don't support each other. So, be an initiative for modernity and support others, instead of being rigid and become a reason for pain!


Dedicating my 300th post to all the powerful transgender parents out there with respect and love! Remember, that you are an inspiration for many kids out there to make impossible things possible!

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