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This is how growing in separate directions ruins your relationship!

Love represents a path that directs a couple towards surviving a romantic relationship with tints of trust, compassion, respect and responsibility. A couple who overcome all the hurdles during their dating period or their initial phases of intimacy to reach the seriously committed phase relationship may sometimes fall apart even after exploring life together. This is the exact reason why many couples these days are breaking up and getting divorced after spending years with each other. Naturally, in this modern world with the utmost freedom, independency and individuality, any person can choose their paths according to their wish even if it takes hurting other people or throwing loved ones into the pool of complications. Sadly, that's how the world is going forward in terms of relationships. Instead of saving the current ones, people are reaching out to new ones.

One of the prime reasons for such intensely committed couples to fall apart is that they don't realise how they grow in separate directions even though they stay together throughout the relationship. Regrettably, when they recognise the harsh truths about themselves and their partners, time must have already taken their partners away from them. Hence, it is significant to recognize how growing in separate directions ruins romantic relationships.

Career choices carry out a prominent role in a tender relationship because they decide the time a couple can spend together after finishing their work schedules and professional commitments. In the process of supporting each other financially and uplifting themselves as an individual in their respective careers, couples frequently tend to fail to notice how their professional growths affect their bond. The basic hack for a successful relationship is to know how to limit professional commitments from personal attachments because when they intersect, things become pretty messy.

Lifestyle choices became a vital necessity for couples in this modern scenario. Nowadays, people are maintaining and managing both individual and couple lifestyle aspects. Under the name of comfort, luxury and elegance, couples tend to compete with others to prove themselves worthy in society in terms of money, prestige and standards. In the process of competing, couples tend to attract negativity by allowing toxicity to ruin their relationships. A true love bond can never be compared with others because every relationship stays unique in its way. Sadly, these lifestyle elements drive couples crazy by seeking validation from others instead of focusing on how to validate each other's happiness and satisfaction in being in a relationship with each other.

Opposite personalities often click as perfect couple material but one must know how to perceive and get along with one's partner's personality in thick and thin. It depends on how well a couple appreciates each other regardless of all the odds. And this must be a never-ending story for any person who shares life with an opposite person. But if that person loses the charm of understanding after reaching a certain point in one's relationship, then things start falling apart because instead of growing together, a couple falls in the loop of growing separately according to their respective personalities and choices. When you follow a different route without considering your partner, do you think you can get back to your partner without getting lost?

Mentalities do matter as they provide typical commitment material for a couple to work on their romantic life to survive their relationship. But if a person remains stubborn to change and denies getting along with the terms and choices of one's partner, it becomes more unaffected for that person to opt for growing separately as it gives habitual satisfaction in being in one's comfort zone. But the question is, do you think relationships can be handled by staying in comfort zones all the time? Most times, they are indeed all about exploring out of comfort zones. So, if you remain least bothered about your mind without trying to understand how it affects your partner, then you end up allowing situations to ruin your relationship. You may procure peace in growing your individualistic personality but you may never find peace in being interdependent with your partner in a committed relationship and by the time you realise the reality, your partner must be growing separately out of your way towards someone worthier and more understanding.

Love interests change when there is no interesting aspect left in your loved one. We, humans, crave love regardless of any measurement and commitment. There is no rule that a seriously committed or married person shouldn't fall in love with others. Of course, society never accepts this and always considers it a sin but why the same society can't comprehend why that person has to choose another person even though he/she is already in a relationship with one's committed partner? A relationship can be survived only if there's love and if a person can't find it with one's partner after being together for so many years, then don't you think there's a glitch in that relationship where love has already diminished or even vanished altogether? When a person can't find love with one's partner, there is no wrong in gaining it through others who provide unconditionally regardless of that person's earlier commitments. It happens when a person grows separately by neglecting the aspect of love, taking one's partner for granted and taking advantage of the commitment. So who's wrong here? The one who chooses love outside the neglected relationship or the person who doesn't love one's partner in a committed relationship?

Don't grow separately, instead grow together by encountering every possible hurdle and crossing every sole barrier that attacks your relationship. And when you realise you are growing separately away from your partner because of your other priorities and attachments, then try to bring the charm by sparking up the relationship so that you get a chance to rejuvenate your relationship growth together.

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