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Things you need to do during the honeymoon phase of your relationship!

Chuck off all the casual dating vibes, hookups, all those dinner dates, lunch dates, shopping dates, spa dates, and all the other casual stuff before stepping into a committed relationship because the honeymoon phase after getting into a proper relationship is completely different from the time you spent before accepting each other as true loving partners, even though the honeymoon phase of a relationship consists of all kinds of fun, romance, and intimacy. Most couples don't realize the fine line difference and they act and behave as if they are still hanging out casually even though things around them become serious in terms of committing to each other. Hence, a person must know a few things to do during the honeymoon phase of one's seriously committed relationship!

  • Firstly, once a honeymoon phase ends, you can never experience it in your lifetime with the same person and that's the very reason why you must spend most of the time with your partner instead of taking your partner for granted soon after getting into a relationship. Just because your partner accepted your proposal, doesn't mean you can relax, ignore, and neglect the crucial times of your relationship.

  • Live in it and don't try to rush things up. This is the only phase where you can be as silly, romantic, kiddish as you can because when you start realizing things like responsibilities, growing up together, investing in each other, getting engaged with each other, everything around you becomes a bit intense and you can't take them as some silly stupid stuff. So, do not chase behind those serious commitments, be it personally or professionally. All you need to do is to calm down and just go with the flow.

  • Although things remain the same, there will be a slight change in every aspect. You could be dating partners till you step into your relationship but later on, you become seriously committed partners, and even the way how you refer to each other also changes. So, get ready to encounter and experience some beautiful changes in your romantic bond. The honeymoon phase can make a couple fall for each other even more and if you don't value it, a couple may also fall apart! So, consider the changes and act accordingly!

  • Announce it to the world, public, or your close family, relatives, and friends, but don't include too many people in the very initial stages of your relationship. Keep it simple and short with just you two. If you allow people, you won't get a chance, most importantly 'time' to spend with each other in any possible way. Keep it to yourself and let your bond unleash the seriousness of your relationship. You don't have to organize a crazy ass party to let people know that you are serious!

  • Instead, invest your money in planning a vacation together to mark your existence as a committed couple. Spill your love in the air and also traveling makes you explore, understand, and know each other better as many factors like accommodation, food, expenses, exploration, adventures, etc are involved in a single vacation. Traveling together can easily make you understand whether you made the right choice or not!

  • Because coming out of a relationship when you are in the honeymoon phase is way easier than coming out of a relationship when things become utterly serious and intense with various strings attached. Of course, that shouldn't be a motto, but this phase gives any person, a second chance to think about one's choice of getting serious but mostly, this phase makes a couple emerge stronger to continue the relationship further.

  • Change the phrase from "Let's have sex" to "Let's make love". Yes, though the physical intimacy remains the same, love-making sessions sound more romantic than sex sessions. Never lose the spark of wanting each other so badly and always try to hang out sensually as much as you can. This makes you feel like a typical couple instead of just two hookup partners. Spend time in bed and include all kinds of sensual behavior, sexual fetishes, and erotic role plays to give your relationship, a spicy touch.

  • On top of everything, the honeymoon phase is all about spending time together without getting distracted from personal and professional attachments. You can work like crazy but in the end, try your ass off to get back to your partner as soon as possible instead of making him or her as left out or taken for granted or as your least priority. Similarly, it becomes difficult for you to manage your family and friend circle on one side and your partner on the other. If you think this relationship of yours is serious, then be seriously committed by giving enough time and making enough efforts to make your partner happy. You can always get back to your family and friends whenever you want, surely not suggesting you ignore your circle, but bridge the gap smartly without affecting your relationship!

Most couples lose the zeal towards their relationships in the middle of their honeymoon phases, but if you are a couple, who remains mostly the same even though after going through some highs and lows of your relationship, it clearly says that you had a beautiful honeymoon phase and truly ready to tackle your committed relationship. This phase is pretty much fun and serious too! Don't miss it, don't rush it up, and don't give up!

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