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Things you must stop doing that belittle your partner

Nothing can make a person feel worse than being degraded by one's romantic partner. Love is all about understanding, adjusting, and uplifting each other instead of devaluing, demeaning each other. But a few ego-centric, self-obsessed, self-boasting people always try to look out for opportunities to degrade their partners just to make sure they have the dominant power in their relationship. Well, this is plainly toxic and completely ridiculous.

Some do this on purpose, and they must be handled with a one-word called 'break-up'. But there is another set of people who unknowingly commit some mistakes and unintendedly belittle their partners. These are unpurposeful attempts most of us, commit which, may affect our relationships at one point especially when our partners reach their saturation points of bearing your belittling behavioral patterns. Hence, you must make sure that you don't commit that kind of mistake that may end your relationship.

  • Stop comparing your partners to other people in every single possible way. No one likes to be compared with anyone and if you keep comparing your partner to someone unbeatable, it makes your partner feels that as if he isn't good enough to make you happy or satisfied. And this is indeed belittling your partner. So, never compare and start accepting what you have.

  • Just because you are in a relationship with someone you love, it doesn't mean you get all the rights to question your partner's choices, be it physical or emotional. For some people, a few choices are very important. So, if you express your demeaning opinion about your partner's choice, it belittles her willpower to stick to that particular choice.

  • Never point out the same issue repeatedly and never snooze a particular imperfection in your partner constantly. You can tell someone that he or she is weak and can suggest him or her to work towards becoming strong. But if you keep insisting to a person that he is weak all the time, it affects his mental health and it is indeed belittling a fellow human. Don't do that to your partner.

  • If your salary is higher than your partner, then make sure you have control of your brain and mouth especially when you are into calculations. A relationship is an equation that doesn't need intense math. So stop making your partner feel that he or she depends financially on you and worst case, it may make a person feel financially-draining too! When the aspect of finance appears in a relationship, you must take care of it, because it can ruin the whole relationship.

  • Never force your partner to do something she doesn't like to do. Relationships aren't like Instagram reel trends. You don't need to follow, accept and do the challenges online to keep up your game in social media. So, respect your partner's decision and act accordingly. Forcing is one kind of berating a person.

  • Just because you are splendid at fashion experiments and travel adventures with your extrovert personality, your partner doesn't have to endure the way how you are. Accept what your partner is, understand how he wants to get dressed up, analyze how far can she travel with you, and scrutinize whether he or she is comfortable in getting along with you. Instead, if you keep complaining when your partner fails to do the things which you like to do, then your partner may misunderstand you for berating him or her.

  • Keep your relationship secrets with you. You can share with a closed set of people like two or 3. If you spread your intimate affairs like pamphlets on roads, it dilutes the value of your relationship. Always remember, if the third person gives your partner some relationship advice because of your big mouth, your partner surely feels as if you belittle him or her.

  • Keep friends and family outside of your relationship. Never welcome them to discuss your intimacy because people won't stay calm. They either make fun of others or may take advantage of suggesting some stupid shit. Don't ever think about pulling your partner's legs in front of your family members and friends. This is the common mistake every person commits out of over-excitement, overprotection, oversharing, and over-commitment. So be matured enough to keep the private matters and funny weird things regarding your partner to yourself.

  • Never crack devaluing jokes about your partner's physical features, emotional abilities, mental health issues, financial capabilities, typical personality traits, dreams, desires, sensual fantasies, and sexual fetishes too. If you take advantage of your partner's vulnerability, then you must get ready to face your partner's hidden behavior and dark secrets.

  • And last but not least, if you are unsure that your partner may feel belittled, then step in the shoes of your partner and try scrutinizing how would you feel if someone tries to berate you. You will get the whole picture. It is always good and safe to think twice before expressing your opinion on your partner.

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