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Things you must not do to fuel up any issue in your relationship!

Engaging in demeaning arguments, filthy fights, spilling senseless statements, giving each other silent treatments, and doing a lot of things to hurt each other mostly emotionally when any issue pops up in one's romantic relationship is indeed the wrong approach towards surviving a relationship. But most couples end up fuelling their issues than resolving them even though they try to make things calm and better between them. With the aspects of love, care, affection, attention, protectiveness, and possessiveness, if an issue arises in a relationship, there are many chances for a couple to blast each other due to firing up of emotions inside instead of calming them down for a while to get back to normality.

Needless to say, confrontation and communication are two important aspects of a relationship. The results may backfire on you and break off your relationship if the way how you confront and communicate with your partner goes wrong. Hence instead of focusing on things to do to calm an issue, you need to be careful with the things you shouldn't do to fire up an issue in your relationship.

  • If you think silent treatment always works and expect your partner to be back on good terms with you, then you must know that the same formula for every issue never works. Be silent when it is necessary and please talk when it is utterly needed. If you don't speak when it is required then you end up building an unexplained gap between you and your partner. Instead of reconciling things up, that silence may kill feelings in your partner and you get to face the wrath of your own silence.

  • If your partner remains silent and if you can't take that absence of resonance anymore, instead of being stubborn with your ego, initiate and try to make conversations and let your partner know that his/her silence irks you off whenever any issue pops up in your relationship. Never remain silent for more than a day or two.

  • If you are someone who likes to drag a situation for days long to get favorable results out of an issue, then you must change that attitude because no one likes to be in a relationship with the person who continues to keep an argument alive for ages instead of overcoming such arguments. Try to kill the fights and arguments as soon as possible instead of keeping them alive by fueling them up.

  • Being stubborn is fine to some extent and if you like to be limitlessly stubborn in the expectation of getting pampered by your partner every time you both fight, then you must start thinking from your partner's side too. Do you like to get toned down every single time you fight with your partner even though you realize it isn't your mistake at all? Well, some partners are good enough to apologize even though they aren't wrong to get rid of unnecessary mess. Respect that attitude instead of taking advantage of it.

  • In a relationship, a couple takes each other for granted in various circumstances. Hence, a couple also encounters different kinds of issues with each other. When you both recognize the saturation point of such dramatic situations out of each other's leniency, you must stop taking each other for granted and start being extra cautious not to break your ties off because of your plain stupidity that comes out of your so-called love for each other.

  • Sometimes getting the third person in your relationship issues, add extra fuel that may burn down your romantic bond to ashes. Never allow others to sort out your issues until and unless there must be an urgency of extra clarification from other people. The more people get involved in your relationship, the more mess you create. Be a mature couple and deal with your issues on your own.

  • Also, keep your issues private instead of making them utterly public by fighting outdoors and arguing in front of your family and friends. This lets others take advantage of your weak moments, and they may create more disturbances. Moreover screaming, yelling, and scolding each other in front of others get you nothing but a feeling of regret later.

  • Never speak something that devalues, degrades, demean, depress, and disappoints your partner to the core. In the heat of the moment, you may feel like using cuss words and cursing your partner in a particular way but never cross the limitations. Ultimately, your partner is a fellow human being and a loved one of yours. Never bring one's past into the arguments, never taunt one's inabilities and never make any inhuman comments on one's physical appearance, sexual performance, and emotional presence.

  • The nerveless tongue of yours can make you feel disgusted after spilling venomous statements that you can never take back. So think twice before you utter any phrase or even a word. One argument is all enough for you to lose a person who cherishes you the way you are. It's hard to keep your mind and mouth in control at such peak rushing times, but before anything else, keep in your mind that you are going to say something about the person whom you choose to love and share your life with.

  • On the contrary, during the process of balancing emotions before sorting an argument or a fight, never think too much and suppress yourself in keeping your emotions and feelings in front of your partner. Don't overthink, assume and overanalyze things. Just be clear with what you want to speak and sort the issue out instead of stepping back and building a pile of unexpressed emotions because they may burst out later wildly and still make you end up in a critical position in your relationship.

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