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Things you must make sure of before getting back to your ex!

Generally, this particular idea of getting back to one's ex is considered as a wrong step in one's life by most people. But that isn't true. Regardless of the years gap or moving apart or suffering quite a huge break, many couples have managed to get back to each other and also leading happier lives. And fortunately for some people, getting back with their exes, remain the most sensible step of their lives. And that happens only when a person is sure of being with another person after many clashes, misunderstandings, miscommunications, arguments, and fights.

Getting back with parents or relatives, is not a big thing, because it involves a lot of emotions and blood relations. Getting back with friends or thick pals is always manageable because that depends on understanding. But getting back with a person, whom we once loved and drifted apart because of various issues(small or big), includes a lot of blended emotions, opinions, and internal struggles too. So, one must be sure of what he/she is getting back to and must be very sure of not repeating the same mistake with the same person.

  • Make sure your ex still idolizes you the same way and still wants you to be in his/her life.

  • Make sure he/she misses/missed you more than you do/did.

  • If you broke up mutually and with all the understanding because of lifestyle choices or career choices, make sure you both accept and comprehend each other's life choices before thinking about a commitment.

  • Make sure you appreciate your ex more than before and accept the exact ratio in return. If you feel some imbalance, chuck it off.

  • Make sure you date someone or see someone, before getting back to your ex. Because you can realize how badly you miss your ex or how deeply you need him/her. Getting back with your ex-partners is all about getting back to a person after knowing his/her value in their absence.

  • Make sure you feel that void of the inexistence of your ex-partner in your life. Make sure you feel deeply rooted in the emotion of love with your ex. Make sure your feelings are strong and go ahead only if you sense the same from his/her side too.

  • If you broke up over an ugly fight or some ridiculous petty issue, make sure you sort that out instead of ignoring it and going ahead. Because if you overlook it, it surely will pop one day in any heat of the moment, and then you again feel bad for getting back to your ex. So sort the shit out and scream the hell out of your lungs to make yourself calm and clean before thinking about further commitments.

  • If your ex cheated on you and if he/she still wants you, don't melt and get back to your ex. Cheaters remain the same all the time no matter what. Don't be dumb to get back to a person who is cunningly smart in sleeping with other people behind your back. Make sure you never get back to the person who cheats on you, until and unless you are completely confident about having the person totally for you. This phenomenon is rare but if you witness such a thing, you can consider your ex!

  • If you broke up because of the so-called long-distance relationship and thinking to get back to your ex after moving back to the same place where you left your ex-partner, make sure you make some sense before thinking about getting back to your ex. If he/she understands you and fine with getting back together, consider yourself as lucky and utmostly loved. No one likes to get back to a senseless prick. Accept it and make sure you don't leave people just because you can't work the distance.

  • Make sure she recognizes your occupation though she couldn't, before breaking up. Make sure he acknowledges your lifestyle choices and accepts them better before breaking up. Make sure she supports you better than ever. Make sure he encourages you in whatever you do, though he was the same person who discouraged you for being you. Make sure you witness some better change in your ex-partner before getting back with him/her.

  • Make sure he/she doesn't lie or suppress his/her valuable emotions or abandon one's favorite things to do, just because he/she wants you to be in his/her life. You can never be contented with a person who leaves his/her priorities or likes or dear things, just to gain you. That's not loving, that's obsession or being too sacrificial. Practically, they don't work in a real-life scenario.

  • Make sure you accept your mistakes and apologize for whatever you did if you think you have committed a grave mistake. If you think, there's no mistake from your side, then expect an apology from your ex's side. A silly sorry sometimes makes a couple get back together easily, and it is the same word that can also restrict a person to not get back to one's ex. So, employ it smartly and safely. Make sure, you mean the apologies.

  • Make sure, he/she never taunts you for anything that happened in the past, especially the break-up part. You can only get back to a sane, poised, and stable person, not someone who manipulates a few situations to satisfy one's egoistic personality.

  • Make sure you don't get back to one of your exes who are least deserving to be with you, just because he/she is materialistically worthy. Make sure you get back to the person whom you think you deserve the most.

  • Finally, make sure that you are completely sure about starting a new phase with an old lover without affecting each other's lives with past bitter experiences. Make sure your relationship becomes stronger and stabler than before and also make sure you both get loved the way you always want to be loved.

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