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Things you must know to understand the world of an asexual...!

Asexuality is one such sexual orientation, which is hard to understand by people because most of the world sees love as the stage, which comes next to lust and they can never get the point that love can happen without the involvement of lusty feelings. This is how a materialistic world works. Hence, asexuality has been ignored as a mere mental disease or some kind of an attempt to get rid of sex. Unfortunately, this is so untrue. The feelings of an asexual person are similar to the feelings of any other person except the wavelength can never be matched under the name of sexual desires.

Yes, sexual attractions are quite different from having sex. Some people have sex to relieve their stress and to get rid of their physical arousal due to reflexes. But having, a sexual attraction towards others, make a person a completely non-asexual. Asexuals are defined to be the people who don't have sexual attractions towards others. Which means, they can never get attracted to any person in this world, sexually. But, that doesn't mean, they don't lead a life like every other person. Indeed, they do and they are allowed to do most of the things which a sexually active person does.

  • First of all, consider an asexual as a fellow human because their body works exactly like yours and they can feel arousal too. This is a very common aspect of the human body. Just because a person's nipples got erected or feel a boner, doesn't mean he is not an asexual person. Understand the fact that arousal can be experienced as a sign of a healthy person.

  • And yes, they can masturbate too. Do you think a person can masturbate imagining someone or when he/she sexually attracted to others? There are hell lot of reasons for a person to masturbate and also practicing masturbation showcases the clear health status of a person. And come on, what do you expect a person to do to get rid of a huge boner all day? Do think about it, asexuals can masturbate.

  • An asexual person can have a sex drive or sex urge or sexual arousal too. As being horny is one of the emotions of a person, he/she can have a sex drive to fulfill their sexual desires. They are perfectly allowed to watch porn. I mean, who the hell are we to say what they must do to improve their knowledge of sex or satisfying themselves out of porn? If you don't know, Pornography is one kind of entertainment aspect and there is an industry particularly confined to picture nakedness.

  • Now you may wonder, how these things can make a person an asexual? What if you come to know, that they can have sex and enjoy sex too? Will you give up on the concept of asexuality? Or do you think that you are not an asexual if you sleep with another person sexually? Indeed, you are still an asexual, if you have sex without sexual attraction. As mentioned earlier, sex doesn't happen only with sexual attractions.

  • Asexuals can kiss and cuddle too. There is no rule that you can only kiss someone if you have a lust towards them. Some kisses can be out of love and affection. When it comes to asexuals, they are perfectly fine to love another person if they want to. This indeed makes them eligible to kiss, cuddle and fantasize about being with someone, completely immersed in the world of love.

  • And most importantly, you don't have to judge an asexual person if he/she appreciate someone else's appearances. Of course, looks can never be considered in the life of an asexual because those may lead to a sexual attraction. Praising someone's looks comes under a complimenting personality. Just because you are an asexual, doesn't you should be rigid and restricted to appreciate the beauty around you.

  • Orientations never get considered if a person gets or got abused by someone sexually. No matter what orientation you belong to, all the abusive people just look at the gender and genitals of yours to abuse you sexually. And sexual abuse is a forceful cowardly act, which will never affect your orientation. Hence, if you think an asexual can never get sexually abused, then you are as dumb and numb as a wall.

  • Asexuals can always experience a romantic attraction. Most of us think that they can never get into romance, but indeed that is untrue. A study has proved that a person can romantically get attracted to others but sexually can never. And that makes asexuals, the people who can never sexually attracted to another person, even though they fall in love, they kiss and cuddle. Indeed, they can have a perfect relationship like other a-romantically, which doesn't include sexual attractions.

  • Yes, the theory about asexuals is a lot of confusing things which doesn't mean that asexuals are confused and should end up being alone or not having kids. Two asexuals can be in a relationship and can be completely eligible to raise a kid on their own. Because upbringing has nothing to do with a person's sexual attraction, right?

Simply, in one line, an asexual can never experience sexual attractions or gets sexually attracted to other people under the name of lust, love or anything. They can kiss, cuddle, have relationships, have romance and indeed sex too, just to experience them not if they get sexually attracted to others. This fine line difference is hard to understand. Because, a true asexual, can only understand this huge difference in their world.

You don't have to understand or support asexuals if you can't. All you need to do is to be calm and not judge their preferences, likes, and dislikes of their orientation. Because, how a sexual attraction plays an important role in your life, likewise, the same sexual attractions play a vital role but in different aspects. Have a broad mind to understand them!

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