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Things you must focus on before planning a date!

Generally, people believe in not planning exclusively for a date as they think it may go wrong or canceled and some people just don't want to jinx about it, especially when they treat the person as someone special. Everyone has their own beliefs when it comes to meeting and hanging out with one's dating partners. Some are particular about places to meet; some are rigid towards selecting a cuisine to savor, some are specific about the color of attire, some are precise about time, location, and event to mark something special, and some are simply overthinkers who plan way too much. But no matter what, until and unless you focus on yourself inside out, nothing can make your date worth cherished as a memory. Hence, before planning a date, you must check a few things with yourself and with your partner to make sure everything goes well without encountering unnecessary consequences.

  • Plan a date only if you can spend enough time with your partner be it on a first date or eleventh date or the date which you forgot to count. No matter who the other person is, always be a mature one who can spare some time to grab the whole dating situation.

  • Plan a date only if you are in a stable mindset, sober and somber to appreciate the date properly instead of bringing up all your issues, all the drama in your life on that coffee table to screw the conversations. Your mind says everything. So be clear and calm instead of confusing and callous.

  • Plan a date only if you can carry the proper aura which brings out the charm in you to spread the glow around you. No one likes to hear your dark philosophy or deep thoughts. Save them up for later for some intense conversations when you become truly and completely close to each other. So in terms of going out for dates, be a person who seems approachable.

  • Plan a date only if you can handle the after-date consequences. Sometimes you may end up kissing your partner or you may hook up but at times you may also end up being ghosted, left out, and stood up. So regardless of the outcomes, try to be the person who can be flexible with any kind of consequences after a date before proposing a date.

  • Plan a date only if you can respect other person's likes, dislikes, tastes, preferences, and opinions. Try to perceive your partner out instead of rushing up with your thoughts and giving no damn about your partner's thoughts. If you don't accept others' opinions, you must go on a solo date instead of tagging someone along with you.

  • Plan a date only if you can feel comfortable in your attire and let your partner breathe in his/her outfit instead of posing oppositions regarding one's outfit and taking too much stress in getting decked up. Of course, everyone wants to look appealing and alluring on a date, but it doesn't mean one must be too particular about appearances. Be flexible enough to carry out conversations over a coffee in comfy outfits too. You can be particular about dressing when you go on some theme parties, onesie parties, and other events in which outfits are meant to be the center of attraction.

  • Plan a date only if you can give perfect closure to your date partner before wrapping up the whole date. Of course, you don't have to promise to marry or get into a committed relationship, but you can say whether you like to hang around later for a second date or else ending the whole date scenario with a particular person on a good note instead of keeping that person waiting for your replies post date. If you can't say why you don't want to spend further with a particular person at the end of the date, mention it the next day.

  • Plan a date only if you want to go out on a date. Just because you recently broke up with someone, you do not have to make your presence in the dating market to prove something to someone. Dates must evolve you romantically; they shouldn't throw you forcefully into unexpected and unplanned scenarios.

  • Plan a date only if you genuinely want to spend time with someone whom your friend or cousin set you up with. If you go out on a date to satisfy someone or accept it forcefully instead of denying it, then you can't spend properly on your date and you end up making the other person feel like shit with your absentmindedness.

  • Plan a date only if you can retain your professional commitments aside for a while till the end of the date. No one likes to be with a person who always attends office calls, who works on a presentation by keeping a laptop right in front of another person, or simply sobbing about work pressures at workplaces. That's a huge turnoff.

  • Plan a date only if you can present yourself as a human being by smelling good, dressing good, approaching good, and being good. Going out on dates in athleisure wear with sweaty armpits, messed up hair, talking like a toxic person by spilling judgmental criticism on everyone around you, takes you nowhere but a huge rejection on your face. Every so often a splash of water and a tight slap in your face comes in addition because of your weird appearance and bizarre behavior.

  • Plan a date only if you can provide your undivided attention to your date partner. If you are already committed, if you double-cross and try to make someone fool, if you approach someone for passing your leisure time, then you are not eligible for a date. Leave these tricks aside and be a sensible person when it comes to dates because unlike you there are people who consider dates as serious steps towards flourishing a relationship.

So, yes, it's not about how you dress, where you go, what you eat, and when you meet. It's all about bringing yourself as a piece of welcoming person so that the other person endures your presence as pleasant and cordial to go further with the warm feeling of coziness.

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