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Things you must be proud of, before preparing to celebrate this Pride Month!

Pride month is arriving, indeed it's at our doorstep and all we need to do is to wait for a few more hours to welcome it with a warm hug to experience how cosy it feels to have a whole month for queer people from every nook and corner of the world to celebrate one's queer orientation and identity. There's a great history and the sacrifices of many queer people behind the aspect of celebrating Pride month. Still, unfortunately, many people end up misleading the whole point by focusing more on the part of various kinds of celebrations.

Until and unless you know the natural history and the reason why June month has been considered the month of queer celebration, you can't feel the real vibe of Pride month. Before anything else, a person must be proud of a few elements before preparing to celebrate Pride Month. Don't you think you must be proud of your queer existence to mark your cheerful presence in Pride month?

  • Own up your identity and orientation regardless of your closeted status. You don't have to shout aloud and announce your queer personality but if you suppress what you are then what's the point of stepping into Pride Month without being proud of your personality? So, even though you aren't open, accept yourself completely inside your system and then you can feel every part of the celebration satisfying even if you are closeted to the core!

  • Be proud of others' queer orientations and identities too. Just because you are homosexual, you shouldn't demean bisexuals or be biased toward transexuals. You must embrace and appreciate every queer person out there and portray your feeling of being proud of other queer people too. This boost up the celebration mood because of the inclusivity you shower towards others around you. Don't you think Pride month is for every queer person out there?

  • Be proud of your struggles instead of getting succumbed to the emotions that distress you. It is very much understandable that a few queer people can't be themselves and have to face a lot of hurdles in the process of emerging themselves as strong queer souls. But it's the time to celebrate your queer existence. You are already strong, and evolving, why don't you include that proud factor in this Pride Month?

  • From being considered an illegal taboo to being considered the part of special merchandise in many brands and stores, we travelled very far in terms of acceptance. This couldn't have happened without the presence of queer allies and heterosexual supporters. Don't overlook them just because we are in a position to celebrate pride month openly and publicly. Be proud of them, their acceptance, love and support. They add charm to any queer person's life.

  • In this modern queer dating scenario, everything is gradually becoming materialistic oriented, be it name, fame or money or be it body types, sizes and structures. Until and unless you open your mind a bit and consider every person as beautiful instead of judging appearances out of shape, age, colour and ethnicity, you can't celebrate big. Always remember, you need people to enjoy crazy celebrations and hence, you must be proud of queer people around you by accepting them the way they are. Have you ever imagined partying with a bunch of queer folks with diverse bodily characteristics and mental traits? It's fun more than merely moving your legs with your desired partner! This Pride month, you must try celebrating with crowds.

  • Be proud of the experimental and adventurous side of your personality because it elevates the zeal in you to try new things this pride month and also makes you encounter your extremes to know what kind of a queer person you are. If you are fluid enough, don't stop the flow, instead, get along with it and see where your crazy queer personality leads you.

  • Be proud of every single inch of your body physically, psychologically, emotionally and mentally because the more you accept yourself to celebrate the pride month by being proud of your queer presence, the more you let others accept you and the more you create awareness about the community, especially the reason why June month is all about rainbow flags and too many colours!

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