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Things to work on, if you have trust issues with your dating partner!

Trust is one of the essential aspects of any kind of relationship, and it acts as a crucial part of romantic relationships. Without trust, love is meaningless and baseless. If your foundation of trust gets shallower day by day, your empire of love gets vanished gradually, and one day, all you can see is the ruined bits and pieces of your beautiful relationship. Losing trust acts as a slow poison, it ultimately swallows a person's sane mindset and makes a person transform into a different doubtful soul. Regrettably, if trust issues arise in a couple, the relationship becomes quite difficult to survive further. A couple must handle such fragile situations carefully to bring back the charm in one's romantic bond.

If you are a person who lost trust in your partner because of various reasons or if you are someone who realizes that you are gradually losing trust in your partner or if you are someone who fears about losing trust while dating or when you see your partner with any person other than you, then you need to work on a few basic things that make you think and act with all the required trust to flourish your love and relationship.

Before anything else, analyze the levels of love and trust you have towards your dating partner or spouse, or lover. Ask yourself whether you can sleep peacefully with having zero doubts in your mind regarding your partner while you are away from your partner or not. Also, ask yourself how deeply you love your partner and how much respect you have for your partner's individuality and personal space. These questions may seem difficult for you only when you have trust issues with your partner. If that's the thing, then you need to work on your mindset first.

A questionable mindset may ruin the peace and harmony of a person. You can have doubts to clear issues, but you can't be doubtful on every single issue. That's indeed a psychological condition that lets a person have a hundred questions left even though everything around remains crystal clear and transparent enough. Stop entertaining unnecessary questions in your minds and never overthink even though it's difficult for you to control. To get rid of it, look into the brighter side of all the answers you have regarding a particular situation or a person.

Toxic past relationships, traumatic childhood, manipulative influences, bad societal opinions, suppressive mentalities, dominative psychological negative attributes are the main reasons for a person to build trust issues in one's personality which makes them impose their saddening outcomes on their partners. Trust issues lead to commitment issues which make a person worthless for dating or even about believing in romanticism. For these people, the concept of love depends on the emotion of unlimited trust which they can never feel because of their doubtful inner traits. If you are a person who has gone through a tragic history in the aspect of trust, leave everything aside, first build trust in yourself. Self-trust is the key to initiating various possible things around you.

One fundamental thing you need to focus on is the fact that no two people are the same. Generalizations are quite illusional. Just because your ex cheated on you during your relationship, it doesn't mean all the people in the world are meant to cheat on others. Just because your father used to doubt you on everything, you don't have to perpetuate his lineage of doubtfulness. Just because you maintain a negative opinion on a particular part of the society which made you lose your trust, it doesn't mean you need to rub that opinion on others or to take it forward forever. Just because your psychological personality never allows you to trust a person or a thing from the first look, it doesn't mean you shouldn't get along with the change of opinions or the flow of life. Never stick to rigidness. Try to evolve as a better trustworthy person and that happens if you believe the other person.

Imagine yourself in the situation of your partner and scrutinize the whole condition and tell yourself how would you feel and act if you were in the shoes of your partner. Instead of freaking out, spilling bitter statements, spreading toxicity in your relationship just because you believe in the assumption, not the reality, you need to keep calm and try to connect the dots with a sane and positive approach. Until and unless you try to believe in your partner, your trust never grows in your relationship.

Never apply the same stupid logic in every situation of your relationship. Different problems have different solutions, but every equation in your romantic relationship can be sorted with a tint of trust and love. If that misses out, you end up behaving doubtfully with your partner. You must be particular about what disturbs you, what triggers you, what makes you feel okay instead of doubtful, what must be done to gain your trust in a properly human way. Communicate all these things with your partner and let him/her know what makes you have trust issues. Explain everything that bothers you and make your partner understand what runs in your mind when something happens, that triggers your trust issues.

Until and unless you speak about your issues, you never obtain solutions. So work on your communication skills in your relationship. Be it your dating partner, your lover, or your spouse, no one likes to get treated as someone who needs to be spied on all the time, no one likes to be felt untrusted, no one likes to be with a person who doubts on every single move, no one likes to bind by a romantic bond with someone, who doesn't believe in them. Hence, work on building trust instead of focusing on unnecessary doubtful attributes of your relationship.

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