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Things to understand about your over-achieving partner!

Overachievers often seem like a pain in the ass. No one can bear their hectic schedules and their commitments towards their careers, jobs, and business. And no one can beat them in multi-tasking and having diversified portfolios in various streams. They are smart, charming, intelligent, and clever enough to confront any issue. Unfortunately, these traits make these over-achievers lose a personal or romantic life, and people often consider them as bad choices in dating as they do have everything except the time to spare for their partners. But, in a broad spectrum, out of all the bad choices, overachievers are still good ones to date.

Achieving something and attaining goals depends upon a person's ability, not one's sexual orientation and gender identity. Hence, homosexuals or the people from the queer community aren't exceptions in achieving their objectives and reaching higher levels. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders are setting examples in society by placing themselves in higher positions in various fields. They are unbeatable, and some are completely career-focused instead of getting swallowed up in the current millennial dating scenario. But, everyone desires a romantic life to embrace the tender, sensual and intimate emotions with another person. Overachievers are successful in everything and when it comes to love, all they are forced to do is to give up because of people's intentions towards them!

Time is a key factor, a person needs to invest in a relationship and with over-achievers, this is a real tough task because they hardly have time for themselves. But it doesn't mean that they don't care about their partners. They do, but even in a limited manner. If you are up for dating a workaholic or a business person, then by default you need to consider yourself as a second priority in your relationship. Because over-achievers have a lifetime relationship with their work!

You can't expect constant attention from your partners. Strictly speaking, they can't and won't give you the attention you need, but you can be sure of one thing, no matter what, you always run in the mind of your busy businessman or your workaholic girlfriend. Remember, that they can multitask and when the time comes, they undoubtedly give you the undivided attention by making it up for all those missing moments.

No one can be as financially stable as over-achievers. Of course, they accomplish a lot, but to earn more money and to lead an elegant lifestyle to get rid of any financial troubles in the far future. They are well planned, well settled, and good at financial analysis and investments. Hence, life with an over-achieving partner is always safe and secure. You hardly have to worry about your expenses, and most of the overachievers don't force or urge you to work or do something which you don't like. They indeed encourage and invest in your dreams.

Not all over-achievers are rich, and over-achieving does not imply only attaining career goals. It's more than that. Have you ever tried understanding the life of activists? They achieve a lot by showcasing their brilliance and bravery in society. They sometimes struggle financially, and they are quite artistic in their approaches and different from most of the people. Dating such overachievers is like an adventure. They inevitably make you look at life from various perspectives. Now, you may wonder, if they are busy doing things for people and fighting for others, how do they have time for you? Yes, they may not treat you special all the time, but if a person does a lot of things to others, do you think that the same person does nothing for his/her romantic partner?

We, humans, are so unpredictable and we mostly contradict ourselves. Who doesn't admire a person who is educated, established, energetic, and empowering? But when we get all those traits in one person as an over-achieving partner, we sob on those same traits. We start complaining when our partners work too much or sometimes miss dinner plans or forget giving us a goodnight kiss, though we know that they are quite busy because of their work which they earned out of their talents and hardworking abilities. Aren't we wrong and opposing our desires of wanting a person? What do you expect from a person who studies at great universities and step into multi-national companies? To play hide and seek with you all day all night at your home abode?

Yes, over-achieving partners are hard to deal with, especially in a relationship. You may feel left out. You may feel jealous of being with someone good at almost all things. You may feel ridiculous to stay in a live-in relationship with a partner who hardly visits his home. You may feel frustrated when your partner boasts about his/her achievements. You may get fed up with people looking at you with utmost pity and sometimes tell you that you are lucky to have such a brilliant person in your life. You may get forced by your partner in terms of achieving things. You may feel bad when he or she compares you with other people. You may get sick of his busy tantrums every time. You may have to celebrate important days alone. You may have to wait for his/her calls all day just to talk for a very few minutes. You may feel that this kind of relationship isn't worthy enough.

You experience, most of the above-mentioned things with over-achievers but not everyone is the same. Some consider the emotions of their partners, encourage them, and love them like no one else by investing all the time they can. If your patience levels get drained up, just think about the reason why you are in a relationship with that particular person. Try to understand the situations and if they exceed the limitation, then take your call. Even though you break up with one achiever, it doesn't mean all the other achievers act the same way.

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