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Things to understand about Womanhood in the Queer Community!

You may agree to it or not, the power of femininity, rules more in the world's LGBTQIA+ community, and almost every queer person embraces the feminine side of oneself and one's partners too. When many queer people are trying to blur the lines between typical masculinity and femininity, one particular set of society makes it hard to make it happen because of their strict social stigmas against queer people and their feminine sides. One must not need to be a woman by birth to appreciate womanhood in and around. Even after struggling for eras, still, some men never entertain the concept of women having equal rights with men as they don't get that even they came from wombs of women.

Such strict heterosexual and toxic masculinity norms restrict the broadening spectrum of womanhood in current society. When a man can't understand the importance of a woman in a typical society and always tries to suppress and suffocate her with various restrictions, then understanding the womanhood of the queer community remains too much for him to grasp and allow. But everything is possible if we share knowledge because only that can strike off the ignorance in a person. Hence, here are some basic things to let any person know, understand and perceive about womanhood in the queer community.

  • Remove that typical concept of being a woman by considering physical attributes like breasts and vagina, out of your head because, being a woman is more than having certain biological parts. Womanhood lies in the graceful understanding of a fellow person and appreciating the power of femininity by the aspects of enlightenment, enrichment, and empowerment.

  • In the queer community, you witness such feminine nature in effeminate gays, lesbians, bisexual women, transwomen, and non-binary including gender-neutral, genderqueer, and androgynous people and whoever likes to use the pronouns; she/her and they/them. So, if you ever come across these queer people, don't be shocked and surprised by staring at them, especially their bodily presence and typical female biological parts absence.

  • When queer people consider themselves as females by spilling effeminate nature with or without certain physical attributes, accept the broadened concept of womanhood the way it is, instead of questioning and bullying. Because, at the end of the day, it's a particular person's freedom of choice and you have zero right to get offended.

  • If you ever want to question any queer person's feminine side, then try asking yourself whether that particular person's womanhood affects your or harms you in any possible way, instead of getting along with social stereotypes and showing your stupidity in questioning someone's already owned identity. Learn to grow and let others grow in their comfort zones.

  • Speaking of comfortability, some people don't like or even express they can't stand the presence of transitioned and transformed queer females, especially transwomen. Strictly speaking, if they are comfortable in carrying their personalities after going through physical, psychological, emotional, mental, surgical, and biological changes, then why do you have to feel uncomfortable when they are around. Does it even make any sense? Well, if you feel such, then you are queerphobic and you need to come out of it to explore the better world out there.

  • By all means, aesthetic appearances do matter for some people to carry their feminine identity and also to be identified as a woman in public or on stage. You must also respect their choices of adopting fake extensions to elevate their womanhood and establish an image in society through art, glamour, and theater. Drag queens, Androgynous models, and Transwomen artists carry their feminine identities by developing their appearances by using external sources, and it is quite okay to do that. Again, it elevates the ideology of a powerful woman and represents womanhood in society.

  • Lesbians are women and you must appreciate that fact even though some of them exhibit masculine nature through their appearances and behavioral patterns. Until and unless a lesbian considers herself as a woman, one must respect her identity even though she tilts towards masculinity because of her identity. It's not rocket science to feel difficult to understand. It's common sense. Some queer people consider their birth gender identities and some don't. You must understand and get along with it accordingly. Simple!

  • A woman kissing another woman, a woman being in a relationship with another woman, a woman having sex with another woman, a woman who decides to raise a child with another woman, is quite acceptable as the way how it's always considered a common phenomenon when a man does with a woman.

  • Even though non-binary people don't care about typical male and female scenarios, they do love to embrace their blending feminine side in their way. Hence, if they don't like to be considered as a typical female or be called as a 'She', then you have to understand that their pronouns are different and they don't like to be caged and restricted to be under one particular roof of femininity. Indeed non-binary people are the ones who broaden the spectrum of womanhood by equalizing it with their masculine sides by involving fashion, lifestyle, art, and queerness. Here, you must note that womanhood doesn't lie in a mere pronoun called 'She'. Period.

These are the basic womanhood-terms every person, must know regarding the existence of queer people in society for a better understanding of feminine terms, effeminate natures, female appearances, and women behavioral patterns of any queer person who loves to experience one's femininity and feels utmost comfortable in exhibiting it.


Everydayqueerlife wishes all the queer people, especially the queer women, a Happy International Women's Day!

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