Things to remember while planning for classy dates!

Dates are of various types. People love hanging out at movies, parks, restaurants, and many other places. Dates are important for any relationship to encourage a couple to know each other better. Some are very particular about dates. Because they analyze the personality of a person by scrutinizing the whole dating behavior of the person they go out with. Many people mess up their first dates and some successfully come over those first dates weird behavior, but they get confused for the second dates. Sometimes people feel confused and ruin the whole dating scene with over detailing or with their underrated behavior out of anxiety and recklessness. This happens with every one of us. Though we are intelligent in handling people and our dates, sometimes out behaviors lead us to disaster date scenes. To cross these dating barriers, one must be cautious enough to keep a few things in their mind while planning for dates, especially the Classy dates with classy behavior.

Well, classy dates never meant to showcase the social status of a person. An evening beach hangout on the bay can also be considered as a classy date. Not only those lavish dinners come under the roof of classy dates. Indeed, a classy date means treating your partner as someone special and treating them differently to make them feel special. And this happens only when you are conscious enough about yourself, your partner, his/her likes, dislikes, venue, surroundings, and most importantly your behavior.

Have you seen those English classic movies, where the main characters go out for a date in a huge ballroom and groove their sensual salsa moves? Well, don't even try to do that shit. You mostly end up stamping on her legs unless you are a professional salsa or a ballet dancer. Because classy dates are not about wearing suits and cocktail gowns and dance intimately. It's way more than that.

  • Put yourself altogether and simply plan everything, because sometimes pressuring yourself for a perfect classy date put you in a weird state. So, keep calm and sort out the things first and every detailing for the person you love or you go out with.

  • Always, select a place where you can speak to each other. Avoid bar tables because they aren't even classy though you hold an elite cocktail in your hand. Take him/her to a place where you feel the coziness between you and also have some privacy.

  • Beachside candlelight dinners, Art themed restaurants, places with books and coffee with some nice breeze, rooftop restaurants, exotic flower gardens, tea and grape plantations, farmhouses, sculpture museums, are some of the options to select as the venue for your classy dates to share your feelings with your partner. All these places give you space and peace. They encourage you to relax and feel free to open up things with your partner.

  • Some like chivalry and some won't. Ask them if they like it or not and proceed according to their wish. Chivalry is cute and sweet, but some feel like they can help themselves. You must know what they like in an indirect way rather than asking them directly. Give some clues that you are about to impress them with your chivalrous moves. And you will get an answer to that.

  • Lavish lunches and dinners are not the only classy dates. Take your partner out for beach walk, a long ride, wine tasting events, book exhibitions, art galleries, cool theme restaurants, resorts, and many other cozy places. As mentioned earlier, ambiance plays a vital role in attempting perfect classy dates.

  • Don't dress up like you are going to have some night out with your boys or girls and also don't opt for funky, quirky and shimmery outfits. Be natural and be soothing that your colors must attract your partner. Never overdress for classy dates. That ruins the whole vibe.

  • Opt for pastel shades and mostly black. Black is the classiest color, one can wear for classy dates. Prussian blue, Blush pink, Sapphire hue, dandelion yellow, Deep red are some of the colors a person can select to wear on those special dates.

  • Champagnes and Wines are the ideal drinks for these sort of dates and if you want to add some quirk to the moment, try classic cocktails like martinis and cosmopolitans. Please don't order for beer and whisky. Hope you know the difference between watching a cricke