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Things to remember if you are dating an Indian Bisexual person!

Dating bisexuals, is a different ball game. One should be really an open minded and emotionally strong enough to handle them and their Bi mindsets. Not only just because they can see both men and women. It's just because the involvement of people will be more, especially in a country like India, where people with various cultures and traditions live together.

Strictly speaking, 70% of Indians who are bisexuals are totally closeted and they have no clue about how to take a relationship in a serious manner (closeted ones). Sorry for being rude, but it's a fact out of research. Because in India, most of the bisexuals aren't bisexuals. They are bisexuals out of curiosity and mostly pretend to be one because of sexual adventures. Hence, it is becoming difficult for many people to handle these fake bisexual men and women. And because of this fake crowd, the real ones are getting effected badly. The scenario is degraded to the level where people are doubting the existence of bisexuality in the Indian Queer Community.

Here are few things to remember before you take a decision of getting committed to any Indian Bisexual person:

  • Question his/her existence in the community. Analyze the person and his bisexuality to the core.

  • Get to know the meaning of bisexuality in his/her dictionary.

  • Scan the person to understand whether he/she is bisexual or bi-curious.

  • Curiosity fluctuates and sexual orientations are permanent. So think before you give a shot at trying a bi-curious person.

  • Do not ask about his/her past relationships. You either get confused or you may get pissed off at his/her fluctuating choices.

  • Do not dream about the bright future with an Indian bisexual person until and unless you take the relationship to wedding cards.

  • Be open about your relationship to the society and only be with that person who thinks same like you about revealing the relationship status of the society. Because this either gives you a clarity or else makes you less intense about your relationship.

  • Know how your bisexual partner is valuing the family emotions. Indians care about their family prides than Love. So, better deal with it or turn him/her down.

  • Better make it to one of his/her top most priorities in life. That shows how much your bisexual partner is serious about you.

  • Do you know each other's worlds equally? If yes, you can obviously be with that person. If No, then do not force your partner to introduce you to his/her world. If they want to do that, they would definitely do it. First, make sure whether they want to reveal you to their worlds. If it's still a No, then dump him/her there itself.

  • Don't be an over emotional person. It may piss off your bisexual partner. Because, no one wants a partner who even cries for fries.

  • Know their choices and act accordingly. Most importantly, know their opinions about your choices because that may give you some clarity to continue the relationship or not. Because Indians are mostly opinionated for every single shit.

  • Know your position in his/her mind. Test him/her to know whether you are Lust worthy or Love worthy.

  • Most of the Indian bisexuals come for trial basis, especially they approach gays and lesbians for better comfort levels. So, know whether they are serious or not before you get involved with them in an intense way.

  • And it is said many times proven that, an Indian bisexual person loves to hang out with same sex people but end up getting married to opposite sex people. Because, that's more convenient in the current scenario of India.

  • So, even though you have been dating a bisexual person for a while, keep your expectations low, especially to all those gay men and lesbian women. Because, it helps you relieve from your future heartbreaks easily.

  • And it is surely doesn't mean that, you should not date bisexuals. It is just that you shouldn't expect much from them in the concept of committed relationships. Sometimes stressing on this particular concept may make your bisexual partner leave you off.

  • Fundamentally, analyze your bisexual partner whether he/she approaches you for bodily pleasures or for an intense relationship. And act accordingly. If it is for sex, then just explore it in an emotionless way. If it is in a relationship, then embrace it without judgments.

  • Maintain a rapport with the married bisexuals. Don't maintain a relationship with them. Strictly speaking, they hardly leave their webbed up lifestyles for you, especially in the context of Indian bisexuals, it's a big NO.

Last but not least, there are various kinds of bisexuals existing in the Indian Queer Community, basing on their priorities, pleasures and personalities. There are bisexuals who exist for just sexual fantasies, there are a few who are forcefully getting into their partners because of societal pressures (married bisexual people who might be either lesbians or gays before marriage), and there are bisexuals who proudly say that bisexuality is their orientation. So, date every kind of bisexual you meet in India, there's no harm in it, but be serious about only those who are out of the society and who can hold your hand publicly without hesitating. They say right, be serious for serious people. And fortunately, there are many true bisexuals out there in India who are literally clearing the wrong judgments about bisexuality by suppressing fakes through their realness!

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