Things to realize when your partner outshines you!

Assumptions hardly turn out to be a reality; feelings may throw us into a dilemma of reality whereas reality makes sure everything is strictly real and inescapable from a person or a situation. Assuming your partner's outshining behavior is different from feeling the same and in meanwhile, you need to be sure whether your partner outshines you or not. When you assume things may go wrong and when you feel things may go partially right but when you surely realize that your partner always outperforms you, then you get clarity about how to act further to balance the fluctuations of your relationship.

The term 'outshine' comes into the picture of a romantic relationship when one person in a couple feels cornered, left out, and less appreciated by the world because of one's romantic partner. This could happen among couples who have different backgrounds and even in couples with similar backgrounds too. Social and societal image, financial status, career phase, individuality, personal charisma are the main reasons for a person to outshine one's partner unintentionally and purposely. (sometimes)