Things to know why you should date outside your gay type!

Everyone has a huge ass list of traits they love to encounter and experience in one's partner or boyfriend or girlfriend. When it comes to homosexual men, this list is kind of a never-ending one and typically the gay community has internally categorized homosexual men into various tribes depending on the age, size, shape, hair, body mass, and many attributes. Hence, there exist gay tribes such as jocks, twinks, daddies, bears, geeks, and many more sub-classifications too.

There is a whole world out there with plenty of gay men to date and do you think getting stuck up with one particular tribe of men for your whole life, makes you better gay than others? C'mon, wake up. You need to explore various kinds of men to experience how it is like to hang out with men of various structures and mindsets. Of course, if you are committed to one person and you are more than satisfied with what you have, you don't have to broaden your men's spectrum in your dating life. But if you are that gay person who loves exploring men through your casual dating lifestyle and restricts yourself to get along with one type or your type of man, then you need to widen your dating scenario!

Firstly, try to accept the change and focus on evolving out of your monotonous dating lifestyle. If you date the same kind of men for a very long time, you feel your dating spectrum as restricted and rigid to only one set of men and if you get habituated, you can never allow any other kinds of men in your life, not even for a cup of coffee. Most importantly, you feel completely uncomfortable hanging out with other gay tribes.

Initiate or let people initiate and consider how it goes instead of coming to conclusions with your confused mindset. Stay at one extreme and travel towards the other so that you will get to understand the hurdles along the path and how to transform yourself to overcome all those barriers, especially when it comes to dealing with men outside your type.

Sex isn't the sole way to explore men. So you don't have to throw yourself in the hookup market to taste various dicks and get fucked by various men. Broadening your dating spectrum isn't about experiencing the orgasmic feel of the genitals of various people. That's a terribly flawed approach. Because any guy can be good in bed but not all guys can be good in person and carry a specific personality you look out for. Even though exploring men outside your type is mostly about getting out of your desired physical characteristic list, but you should always consider a man with whom you can feel comfortable emotionally and mentally too.

Start rephrasing your bio on Grindr/tinder and also start expanding your tribes of men. This makes all the gays out there think that you are a person who likes to encounter all kinds of men, so in the end, your chatbox would be filled up with various messages from various men.

If you are particular about a body type and can't mend your brain towards being with men with other body types, then you need to consider the factor of casual meeting, not casual dating. You don't have to sleep with every person you meet. So, there won't be any harm in hanging out with men for a few coffees and conversations, right? Start with casual meetings instead of jumping on hookups and dating plans to comprehend how men outside your body type, behave with you. You surely feel that you are wrong in judging men on their body types.

Next comes the age factor. Of course, you don't have to consider the option of being a sugar baby to a sugar daddy but you can always consider dating men a bit elder and younger than your age specifications in your dating scenario. Sometimes we generalize a particular age group of people out of our bad experiences in our past. Moreover, maturity has nothing to do with age. Sometimes a younger gay guy acts sophisticated and typically age-wise matured gay men act kiddish to the core. Try talking to gay men who belong to various age groups, so that you will get to know how gay men think irrespective of their age criteria. You truly become experienced with a lot of experiences if you date men from various age categories, including younger geeks to elder daddies.

Gay men are career-oriented, creative, and passionate. So if you stuck up with corporate gay men throughout your whole life, you only would get to know how an MNC works and how corporate life runs. But if you start widening your perspectives in dating men from various educational and professional backgrounds, you get to elevate your knowledge in various streams. Needless to say, you shouldn't date a person based on his qualifications and salary package, because that's quite materialistic and also shouldn't date to get professional favors, because that's so shabby. Dating men from various careers makes you appreciate how the world is running with men from different backgrounds. It increases your knowledge and also your understanding capabilities.