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Things to know while dating your MTF transgender partner!

The dating scenario is the same in every sexual orientation because the concept of love is the same in every human being regardless of sexual preferences. Hence, the transgender community is completely and finely eligible to love others and date people whom they like. This community has been oppressed for ages, but thanks to modernity in the millennial era, people are coming out and looking out for their soulmates. When it comes to transgenders, the transition allows a person to be with any person regardless of gender. But mostly, transgenders prefer to be with the opposite sex, romantically. Well, that's how the orientation works.

No one born as transgender, it takes a person to undergo a lot of physical and emotional changes to come out as a proud transgender. MTF is the term used for people who undergo the transition from male to female. This means, the gender assigned during birth would be male but due to the unmatched soul and body, a person undergoes a transition to represent like a female. During the process of transitioning from one gender to another, male to female transgenders experience the biological and hormonal changes which make them appear like a female mostly. And fortunately, many people get attracted romantically to trans-women. For example, a heterosexual or bisexual or pansexual man can fall in love with a trans-woman, but a person must have a piece of proper knowledge to get along with them without any disturbances. That's how two people rise as a couple. There are a few aspects which any person must know about trans-women:

Being transgender is not just an orientation, it's a powerful change a person can ever go through, internally and externally. So, the aggressiveness is one common thing; you see in trans-women. Precisely understand the pain behind those harsh words, but they are the sweetest people if you get to know them deeply, with love. Instead of acting foolishly by asking ridiculous questions, take the orientation out of your mind, and talk to that person as just a human. Be careful with the pronouns. Trans-women completely identify themselves as females. Use she/her and sincerely believe that she is a woman, without getting constantly confused with the gender because no one likes to be with a confused person, especially when it hurts the person's identity. Some like to just go with they/them too! Most trans-women love to be portrayed as females. Come on, that is the core theme of all the transition right!

If you are confident about yourself facing the criticism when you are with them, then hang out with them in public. Instead of making faces or feeling embarrassed and hurting them, you should tell how you feel when you are around with your trans-woman partner. Because she has the right to know and the right to be treated properly. Some trans-women may accept the closeted couple things, but most of them reject. Because, after all, they come out and struggle way too much to be with a person who feels ashamed in hanging out with them in public. The physical and hormonal changes have nothing to do with their emotional constraints of love. So never drag the transitional issues into the picture and never force your partner to get operated for the sake of your convenience. The surgeries won't work like that. There are a lot of procedures and steps to be taken during the whole transition.

Be supportive and try to listen to what they are seeking to say. It could be a completely new thing for you so do for them too. So, if you think that your trans-woman is the one for you, then stand for her and support during the surgical transformations, especially. Most of these trans-women get operated without any support but if you ever get a chance, don't fumble it. Spread your love by showing it through your support! Be prepared to face a hell lot of judgmental criticism in public, because in this demeaning society, being an open couple with a trans-woman is one complicated issue. Never get into arguments with people who objectify your partner, or who degrade your love. But also never step back to support your partner in public. Always enact a passive-aggressive role in the public when you hang out with your trans-woman partner. You always get a chance to prove your love only in public and in problematic situations.

Sexually, you may experience it as new and a little different. But isn't it how you felt when you lost your virginity the first time? The first times are always weird and annoying. But when you love a person, sex always plays a secondary role. Know about their biology and biological changes. Do not act wild when your partner is undergoing the transition. During the estrogen and other female hormone implants, you may feel a little drifting away emotions from your partner. Try to get along with all the hormonal changes and be patient with them. It's all physical, not emotional!

Being a trans-woman is no lesser than a woman. Hence, you must behave like how you are with a woman. She needs respect, love, care, affection and a lot of shopping indeed. Well, not everyone is the same, but trans-women develop the mentality of women. Treat her as an individual who can excel in her career and life. If you ever get into serious fights, never pull her past in the present and try to demean her transition. Because that's not how love works. Most of the men love to be with trans-women secretly as an affair or else just as a fetish. But if you are then the man who sees your trans-woman partner as your true soulmate, then be a man and accept her completely before and after the transition. You may go through a lot of disturbances while dating, but like every couple, you can sort out the issues through proper communication. Don't be like those men who suppress their women and dominate them in every aspect!

When there is love, dating with any person works fine. Always be proud to date a trans-woman and be with her as her partner, because a woman prefers a man, only when she genuinely believes him!

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