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Things to know to spot dating junkies in the gay community!

What's the definition of dating for you? Generally, it is the process where a person hangs out with another person to understand, evaluate, analyze and scrutinize the whole connection between them to either go forward by making the bond stronger or to drop off after realizing that they aren't meant for each other. Like any other orientation, all the gay men also get into this whole scenario of dating through various platforms online and offline. But, according to this millennial era, the definition of dating is getting diluted gradually. Many people are blending the concept of hooking up with dating a person. This is completely absurd because dating isn't all about the physical connections by having rigorous sex. It is wider than that as it includes many emotional, mental, psychological, economic, and financial aspects for a commitment or a relationship to grow stronger.

But dating junkies are formulating the concept of dating as an absolute joke or a foolish puzzle. These homosexual men are one of the reasons for the declining dating scenario in the gay community and spotting these people is kind of a difficult task because normally we get to know whether a person is a dating junkie or not, only in the middle of the process. Hence, you can never prevent these gay men, but you can take care of your dating situation without ruining it further. Did someone in your love-life, drop you like a piece of trash when you come up with the idea of a proper relationship to take things further in the dating process? Well, then unknowingly you must have dated a dating junkie!

Dating junkies are the ardent believers of dating and nothing else. The definition of dating in the mind of a dating junkie is the process of hanging out for lunches, dinners, drinks, sensual and casual meetings, and nothing deep. Dating is just the aspect of fun and it's never going to be intense with these dating junkies. Hence, if you are dating a person who always hangs out with you in various places as your plus one but vanishes when you need him emotionally or to discuss some serious things, then yeah he is a dating junkie!

He would be available on every gay dating platform, not with one but with multiple profiles with multiple pictures and multiple bios. It's hard for you to make him concentrate on your dating process because he always stays active on the dating apps on his smartphone. If he says that his online presence has nothing to do with your dating life, then it's high time that you need to get rid of him. Dating junkies are generally fuck-boys who use dating term as a fancy word for hooking up with trusted contacts.

These gay men are good in looks, charm you with their flirtatious moves, and entice you with their physical appearances and fake emotional quotes. Hardly anyone can deny a good-looking man asking out for a coffee or a dinner. But be alert with the way how he persuades you in the process of dating. These gay men always brag about their dating life and say that they never have met a perfect person to date. Be aware, it's a sign that he is baseless and comes with an expiry date which will be sooner. If you are a person who thinks dating as a significant thing, then you need to dump this type of gay man.

His past relationships never cross for more than a month. Check with him and ask him the reason and if he jumps to the conclusion that he is an angel god in dating who leaves people for silly stupid reasons, then yeah he undoubtedly will leave you with an even more ridiculous reason. Pass a smile and rush out of his life as soon as possible.

The concept of love is never included in the dating process of these dating junkies. All they believe is lust, attraction, and some weird connection to keep hanging out with a person at various places without looking for any emotional bond. Critical discussions like relationships, commitments, marriage, growing together, churn the stomachs of these gay men. They just don't appreciate those intense conversations. Hence, if your dating boyfriend always escapes from a serious talk, or makes excuses to skip off the topic, or tells you that we are "rushing too fast" even though you are going slow, then you must think about your choice.

Dating junkies like the newness of dating any person. They can't and won't celebrate anniversaries with a single person. They always need a new person to explore, and they keep exploring as they think that something or someone better is out there waiting for them to encounter. Dating is an initial process of a budding bond, hence to create such a bond people generally fall into this new-age process. Dating junkies take it as a chance to meet new people now and then, and when they realize that a particular bond is getting stronger and older, they just vanish off by leaving you, sometimes without a reason.

These gay men don't manipulate you financially or physically. They don't affect you in materialistic ways, but they affect you emotionally. Because in the dating process, we all form a connection with our dating partners and when they abandon us, we feel shocking and tragic. Coping up from financial crisis or physical wounds are better than recovering from emotional trauma. So, if you don't want to see yourself in such a degrading position, you need to be careful about your choices of dating gay men out there.

If you want to hook up with a person, just have sex, and fulfill your pleasures. If you want to go out with a person, take him for a date and see how things go. If you like it, go ahead and if not, just tell him that you are no more interested or end things on a good note. But never try to play with a person's emotions by going on and on, in a dating process just to have fun or to hang out with a person without anticipating any future. If you want to do that, just tell your dating partner to not to expect anything emotional. Be clear about your views. If you fail to be clear, one day you will emerge out as a dating junkie.

Many gay men already disregarded their opinion on the dating process in the gay community, so please don't contribute your meaningless dating habits to ruin it even more!

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