Things to know to save your individuality in your relationship!

To all the people who think relationships are all about sticking together forever, not allowing any space between them, and behaving accordingly to impress the other person by losing one's self, you are completely wrong! Relationships are never meant to make a person lose one's individuality. It's mostly about the understanding commitment between two individualistic personalities.

If you lose your identity and individualistic nature when you are with someone, it specifies that the other person is swallowing you up in his or her individuality by either forcing you or by manipulating you to feel like sacrificing your individuality. So, before losing your accomplished personality, you need to wake up and save your individuality regardless of your romantic commitments with your partner.

After getting into a relationship, how many times have you been on a self-date? Have you ever appreciated your presence with yourself without involving any other person including your partner or took out some time to pamper yourself without including your partner beside you? If no, you need to focus on your schedule, take some time out and let your partner know that you want to go on a self-date to shower some self-love. It's not inappropriate at all!

Speak up for yourself instead of always thinking about your relationship or convincing yourself by substituting "you" with "we" or "us." In due course and when you need to take hold of your position to prove your point, never step back by overthinking about the consequences of a particular move. If you think your point is precise, adhere to that and stand up for yourself no matter how influential your partner could be. If you don't speak your mind, no one else can do that for you!

If your partner restricts you from meeting your friends and family, then you should think twice about being in a relationship with that person. The kin and kith of yours do matter because they define you and your personality. Mostly, when people get into relationships, they kind of eliminate the family members and friends from the picture to spend with their partners. Till some point in time, you must get rid of people around you but it doesn't mean you need to completely get apart from them. So, to save your individuality, you must save your connections in life.

Always remember that the romantic connection you acquire through your relationship is not the only connection you need to survive. That particular thought is impractical. It sounds so beautiful when you tell your partner,' all I need is you', but practically, you need few more people to live a life of a human, or else you will become a slave to the only person you love.

Go spend some quality time with your pals. Do hangout with them at clubs, do crazy things with your buddies. Plan trips with your family members. Make your presence at the family events which you always want to attend. Never miss spending time with people whose presence you appreciate. Sometimes do these things with your partner and sometimes you have to go alone without your plus one (notably when your partner says that he or she doesn't want to attend the party). Never stop yourself just because your partner doesn't like to do a particular thing. Make him or her, understand and if he or she doesn't want to understand, then take your step by showcasing your individualistic personality.

Never restrict yourself by doing something incredible, impulsive, spontaneous, adventurous, controversial. If you have to take a complicated decision about yourself where no one in your life gets hurt, then you must take it without seeking your partner. You can't be so dependent on every single decision you make in your relationship. Keep this in your mind, if it's your body, only your rules are acceptable.

You don't have to consider your partner's opinions all the time. Especially when you want to buy something for yourself which you have been planning for so long. When you want to transform the way how you look regardless of how your partner feels post your haircut or hair color or a new tattoo on your body. When you want to sign up for something which your partner doesn't like at all due to some silly stupid reasons. When you