Things to know to save your individuality in your relationship!

To all the people who think relationships are all about sticking together forever, not allowing any space between them, and behaving accordingly to impress the other person by losing one's self, you are completely wrong! Relationships are never meant to make a person lose one's individuality. It's mostly about the understanding commitment between two individualistic personalities.

If you lose your identity and individualistic nature when you are with someone, it specifies that the other person is swallowing you up in his or her individuality by either forcing you or by manipulating you to feel like sacrificing your individuality. So, before losing your accomplished personality, you need to wake up and save your individuality regardless of your romantic commitments with your partner.

After getting into a relationship, how many times have you been on a self-date? Have you ever appreciated your presence with yourself without involving any other person including your partner or took out some time to pamper yourself without including your partner beside you? If no, you need to focus on your schedule, take some time out and let your partner know that you want to go on a self-date to shower some self-love. It's not inappropriate at all!