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Things to know to deal with your Drama Queens!

Life is a drama, and leading a love-life with a drama queen is an intense drama! Who are these drama queens and why everything around them includes a bit of emotion more than others? There is no such professional term for people who sulk about everything and who perform relatively extra than needed, but as a slang wise, they are considered as drama queens! Like how in theatrical drama plays, the woman characters portray emotions and feelings in utmost graceful in every single scene, regardless of genders, some people portray their emotions a bit extra to add an intense flavor for a particular situation or to convince a particular person! Apart from all these considerations, life is completely boring with a little bit of drama! Hence, you must not complain about your partners who try to dramatize every situation and at the same time, you must not entertain them too! And that happens only when you know tactics to manage them!

Be prepared to face illogically logical conversations. They are confusing, but that's where the whole point lies. If you get stumped by your partners' dramatic conversations, then you end up not having a point to make them understand. Hence focus on the conversations and try to seize a point that lets you prove to them that you are right. Of course, they won't accept that they are incorrect, but at least you can sleep peacefully right!

To get rid of situations, many people try ignoring such dramatic conversations with their drama queen partners. This may lead you to the extremes instead of getting you out of the issue. No one likes to get ignored and if your partner discovers it, then you the situation becomes overdramatic and who knows your story may end up with a tragic break up!

Reversal theory always works. Do you remember, the end scene of Devil wears Prada? If Anne Hathway wouldn't try to neutralize the dramatic approach of Meryl Streep, the film could have ended up Anne works for Meryl further. So take a stand and reverse dramatize the situation so that your partner may understand you and let you be you instead of trying to convert you into someone who always listens to him/her. The reverse dramatizing only can happen if you handle the emotions properly to let your partner understand your rights, your priorities, and your space in a relationship!

Some drama queens are quite intense. They may stalk you, hire a professional to have a look at you all the time, may check your phones, emails, and message, and in worst cases, they may even pick up your calls and start abusing without knowing the story of the person on the other end. These kinds of drama queens are too tough to handle. There is love behind those actions and when love exceeds, a person starts doubting and having stupid assumptions. Do not ignore if you find one instance, which makes you feel you are being stalked or overstepped. Confronting the situations, regardless of thinking about the consequences is the best approach to deal with such drama queens.

Talk to them regarding a particular situation which makes you uncomfortable by asking them to step in your shoes and think about it. Sitting together and discussing issues always give you good solutions. Just because he is stalking your profile, it doesn't mean that you are wrong. Even he isn't wrong. His excessive love and expectations on you make him do that. But if you hide things instead of confronting him, it will be a big disaster later. So communicate!

Drama in a particular tale happens typically because of egoistic approaches of characters. Some people can't control their ego and to satisfy it, they start dramatizing the situation and that's how the clashes in a relationship start. Try balancing your love and ego to make your partner understand his/her drama is baseless and it could ruin the harmony of your relationship!

One important main rule: Never call a drama queen as a drama queen! Because when you tell your partner that he/she is doing drama, he/she will get offended for sure. And this may either lead to a huge argument or else a silent treatment. Both are dangerous. Because if you get into arguments, we may slip our words and may hurt our partners. On the other hand, silence is extremely dangerous and indeed a drama too! Some people can win a conversation without uttering a single word by silence.

Silent treatments are the ones where your partner does all the works, hangs out with you, showers love on you, and performs everything by remaining silent and not answering you with words at all. This is a complete hell, which makes you go nuts. Don't forget the world's greatest dramas are all silent ones! Hence, try breaking the silence by committing the tactics which make them open their mouths. Throw challenges, play witty games, and try to stabilize the situation!

Love needs drama to make it look refreshing, blossoming, evolving, appealing, and alluring. But if that drama gets toxic, then it will ruin the peace aspect in love! If your drama queen partner is the one who can understand you, get back with you within a few hours or a day, or who remains calm if you prove yourself, then he/she can be perfectly able to deal with. But if your partner never listens to you even though you aren't wrong who always try to dramatize every little situation, then you may end up solving all the dramatic situations instead of appreciating the emotional love bond between you!

So, it's better to get off the stage if a person performs a monologue drama, because he/she wants an audience, not a peer to perform alongside him/her. This means to break your threads off if your drama queen is overdramatic beyond expectations. Let him/her get the Oscar and you can walk away with peace of mind!

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