Things to know if you like to date gender-bending gays!

Bending the gender norms is one basic yet intensely evolving aspect that can be seen in the queer community where many queer people label themselves under the roof of non-binary regarding their gender identities. Being tagged as gays (sexual orientation), many homosexual men consider themselves as gender benders with various gender non-binary identities such as genderqueer, gender-neutral, androgynous, agender, etc. Professionally and personally, some gays get into the personalities of drag queens that spill extreme femininity by balancing out their masculinity. Have you ever dated a drag queen or an androgynous gay? If you are excited enough to explore this set of gays to date them or get into a serious relationship with them, you must know a few things to be well prepared.

  • These gay men know how to embrace both masculine and feminine sides properly. So ask them clearly regarding their pronouns, alter egos, drag queen names, and preferences to be referred to, during outdoors and indoors. Never conclude your assumptions without asking them how they want to be noticed, observed, and considered. Some gays are cool with any kind of pronouns but a few are particular according to their feminine and masculine personalities.

  • Overdoing is never a thing for non-binary gay men. They just do things and don't give a thought about how society accepts them because they do things according to their moods. If you want to date a genderqueer gay man, then you may expect him to dress up in a cute little dress and appear in front of you for a dinner date. So, get ready to be surprised by some unpredictable appearances and never consider it as overdoing or over-appreciating one's effeminate side. Sometimes these gay men dress up more macho than you. Never express shock, it turns them off.

  • Keep your curiosity in balancing mode instead of crossing the limitations of asking too many intimate and personal questions, at least on a first meet or date. Understanding the aspects of gender non-binary is a bit complicated thing especially to people who only know about the gender binary. Gender-bender gays are always out of the box because they don't restrict themselves to male and female scenarios of society. So, try to know, comprehend and perceive them instead of sounding desperate, critical, and judgmental.

  • Art runs in their blood and hence if you like to date any gender-neutral person or a drag queen or an androgynous gay, you need to have an artistic mind to understand the