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Things to know before you get into a non-binary person!

In this current millennial era, the dating scenario has become relatively flexible and feasible with too many labels. People from various sexual orientations are slowly showing up to explore their sexuality and to spread the love. Hence, if you want to explore in the same way by meeting and having dates with people from various sexual orientations and gender identities, you must have the basic knowledge about particular orientation or identity. For supposing, you label yourself as bisexual and you don't know how homosexuality works, then it's a shame because, at the end of the day, you would be attracted to either gay or lesbian or fellow bisexual. But this is all about the sexual orientations, there are things which are more important than them; gender identities!

Before anything else, do you recognize the difference between what's being gay and what's being androgynous? Most of the people think all effeminate gays are androgynous. There is no such rule. Most of the gays just consider themselves as males. Well, androgynous is not being just a male. So, what's it? Androgynous comes under being non-binary, which means a person doesn't identify one's self under one particular gender. Therefore, please observe the difference between sexual orientations and gender identities. Non-binary people are not transgender or they don't belong to the third gender. They don't consider the concept of gender. So if someone tells you that they are non-binary, respect it, and don't prompt naive questions like whether they are male or female or transgender.

It may confuse you, but use the proper pronouns to mention a non-binary person or people. Instead of falling in a dilemma to call them as he/him/his/she/her, just identify as they/them/theirs. Well, these are the pronouns for non-binary people. Generally, they don't care about how you call them. They barely offend you for entitling them as he/she but do not spread annoying vibes in public. Non-binary people are the coolest ones to hang out with. Don't make them lose their cool by your odd behavior. Be cool enough to support them in every possible way. Preferences according to typical gender norms is a big no for any non-binary person. So, do not rub your's or public's opinions about choosing things of a particular gender. Like, they don't completely fit into one section of shopping. Most of their clothes reflect the unisexual style and try to get along with it.

They don't care about appearances, like how they look. They can be super masculine, they can be slightly feminine or they can completely blend two genders and at times they appear in neutral black, colorless and genderless. If you are that person, who thinks a person must behave according to one's gender norms like males should play football and girls must wear pink, then you are completely the improper person to even think about meeting a non-binary person. A non-binary person, can be gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender or pansexual or from any orientation under the queer community. Typically pansexuals are considered as non-binary. There is a difference between getting attracted to every person regardless of gender and not considering one's self under one particular gender. Take that from your mind that non-binary people belong to one particular sexual orientation.

Some perverts pose questions about the genitalia to non-binary people and its so annoying for them to face. If someone approaches you and asks you what you have down under there, what would be your response? Do you unzip your pants and prove them what you got? It is to be mentioned one more time, though genders have to do with the sexes, non-binary people never identify themselves as non-binary based on their genitalia. They can have either vagina or penis or pseudo penis without testicles or pseudo vagina without ovaries. The concept of non-binary is not at all new and if you don't know, ask gracefully about your doubts to the non-binary person you meet instead of concluding all your unanswered questions. No one denies answering your questions if you show some interest in knowing them rather than judging them.

The aspect of love is the same as every gender and every orientation. Like how males and females work in love, non-binary people also work in the same way by choosing their partners according to their preferences in lust, love, or sex. So, the dating scenario also represents the same as others. Hence, you can find non-binary people in any of the dating platforms. Being non-binary is not a trend. It's not a social movement to break the stereotypes or to look cool. Non-binary should be given equal respect like gender-binary. Like how a male society laid few norms for a male to behave in a particular way, understand the fact that non-binary people consider no-rule policy when it comes to genders.

Some stupid questions like what toilets do non-binary ones use, really annoy them. Savagely, the clean ones. So, don't get into these foolish judgmental questions which kill moods and vibes of the other person. Like how you treat yourself as human, observe the fact that non-binary people also mark their existence on earth as a human race. Altogether, keep in your mind that non-binary people barely give a damn about their appearances, looks, dressing style, behavioral patterns, professions, personality changes, love, and anything which is segregated and portrayed under a particular gender like a male, female or transgender. Non-binary is all about not considering the factor of gender. But it is for themselves and not for others. They can have choices of genders they want to get into. Because you can't force an androgynous lesbian to get physically engaged with a gay person. Hope you understand!

If you are planning for a meet or a date with a non-binary person, just brush up your knowledge about this particular gender identity to sound smart and to portray your understanding capabilities!

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