Things to know and do, if you are planning for a group gay travel...

Solo traveling is good to appreciate yourself and to take your me-time and to have your own space. Traveling with your partner makes you explore the strength of your relationship by understanding each other and exploring together. But traveling in groups, especially with like-minded people is one of a kind adventure, everyone must experience it at least once in their lifetime. And what's better than being in a group in which everyone realizes, recognize, value, motivate and encourage the exploration of your gender identity and sexual orientation without any space for judgmental criticism? Hence, if you are a homosexual, be it, gays or lesbians, you must make sure to have group gay trips at least once a year.

But the more the people involved, the more any trip becomes complicated and difficult to handle various kinds of personalities in one place. So instead of encountering bitter experiences without knowing the pros and cons of group travels, you must know how to get along and what to do if you are one among the group of gays who want to explore the world!

  • Firstly, take out your typical individual mindset and try to listen and adjust accordingly. Unlike your solo trip, you are not going to be the end decision-maker. Secondly, never include your partner in your gay group or lesbian gang. This is one of the mistakes many couples do. If you want to go for a vacation, you better do it as a couple instead of getting tagged along with a bunch of random homosexuals. That's a bad idea indeed. So, you must be ready with your open mindset, flexible personality, adjusting capability before signing up for a group gay travel. This way, you can embrace your trip with the utmost freedom and no restrictions. Meanwhile, ask your partner to plan a trip with his or her pals. (if you are in a relationship)

  • You can have two types of group gay trips. One: joining some random homosexuals if you want to explore a place with strangers and experience some adventures alone. Two: planning with a bunch of gay couples. In this case, you can tag your partner with you as it is all about exploring a place with other gay couples. It's kind of a group date thing but includes traveling stuff. Traveling with strangers is exciting and experimental. Traveling with other known couples is romantic and thrilling. Try both the types and experience the wanderlust.

  • Prefer a place where you can spend some quality time without disturbing others and also without getting disturbed by others. Remember, you are a group of homosexuals and you need to maintain the decorum which shouldn't affect the harmony of the typical heterosexual society. Focus on your exploration instead of getting involved in unnecessary protests. Discover a place where you can happily chill out without hiding your personality.

  • There is no mandatory that every gay group has homosexuals who are out and proud. A few people are comfortable in their closeted status. So, respect them and plan accordingly without crushing other groupies feelings. Just because you are open, it doesn't mean the other closeted groupies must listen to your extroverted opinions. Sometimes you need to understand and adjust according to other people, that makes a journey happy and peaceful.

  • Book a private beach or a private resort together. Hire a mini ship that exactly fits your group size for a peaceful cruise. Look out for an open place near mountains and lakes for exotic camping. Manage to get a forest house so that you can experience the thrill together by spending a night in the woods. Or simply rent a farmhouse with a pool to chill out in the gayest way. Your place must speak the size of your group and must sound the volume of your gayety. Picking up the ideal spot is crucially important for a group of gays to explore nature, their orientation, and a place.

  • Speaking of places, do not go behind the places which are most happening in a particular season. If you are planning for a group-gay trip, always travel to places in the off-season. This way you can reduce your expenses and also can restore your peace of mind. Because, if you go places in the happening season, you can't appreciate that place completely and you always get disturbed by judgmental people no matter what. Of course, you visiting Goa in the summer and visiting it at other times is different. But you can always visit a place in the happening times alone or exclusively with your family or your partner right!

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